Pairs championship

The Pairs championship is a 4 race series over the summer held on our normal Wednesday club nights. There will be 3 Pairs and 1 Handicap race. Your best 3 scores from the 4 races will be counted. The races are set up with built in handicap’s so anybody could win. The point of this? GLORY!!!!....and a big trophy.

Race to be run over the normal handicap course. HERE (6mile loop over our fields, the faster you are the further you'll run and the less the slower runner has to cover)
All entrants will be listed according to ability. (Fastest first – Slowest last)
Pairings will be decided as follows:-
Fastest runner paired with slowest runner, Second fastest runner paired with second slowest runner and so on.
All runners will set off at the same time.  The faster runner in each pairing will run in the normal direction (anti clockwise) and carry a baton.
The slower runner in each pairing will run in the opposite direction (clockwise).
When pairs meet up the baton must be passed to the slower runner. Both runners then turn round and run back the way they came.
The first complete team (not necessarily together!!) to cross the finishing line will win that night’s race.

Handicap at The Navigation (Navigation Inn, Risley Lane, Derby DE72 3BP.)

Its a race where anybody could win. The faster you are the bigger the handicap you'll receive (time handicap, not something more sinister). Best performance on the night will take the points

Points will be awarded for each element like this:-
Assuming there are 24 competitors in the first race then the winner will receive 24 points, second 24 and so on down to 1.

The first team back will receive a point for each team they beat so in this example 24 people = 12 teams, therefore the winning team receive 12 points, the second team will receive 11 points etc.

When all 4 elements are complete the Champion will be the person accumulating the most points.

So the more people turn up the bigger the reward!!!

09/05/2018PAIRS Round1Club House
18/07/2018MysteryNavigation Inn, Breaston. (somewhere mysterious)
15/08/2018PAIRS Round2Club House
05/09/2018HandicapNavigation Inn, Breaston. (the 'Run' Route)

Final Versoin

Champs Table

 CompetitorPairs 1MysteryPairs 2HandicapTotalRaces completed
1Paul Boothroyd0.880.970.970.722.824
2Louise Marson0.240.500.880.862.244
3John Wadelin0.910.760.380.552.224
4Phil Shearing0.550.890.690.312.134
5Nicola Photiou0.820.450.250.832.094
6Bob Browne0.610.530.91 2.043
7Patrick Murdoch0.451.000.56 2.023
8Richard Kerry0.610.950.38 1.933
9Ian MacNamee0.610.84 0.381.833
10Karen Hodgson1.00 0.78 1.782
11Kevin Roughton0.700.470.530.031.704
12Steph Kern  0.750.931.682
13Lisa Rull 0.160.840.621.623
14Colin Lewis0.390.680.470.281.554
15Lauren Bjorn 0.66 0.791.452
16Fran Wadelin 0.421.00 1.422
17Craig Trembirth 0.92 0.411.332
18Rachel Lee0.88
19Richard Hyde  0.630.591.212
20Dave Pearson 0.21 1.001.212
21Anne Brownhill0.910.29  1.202
22Gary Newham0.330.82  1.152
23Neil Roberts
24Julian Brearley 0.87 0.100.972
25Maurice Davey   0.970.971
26Cat Eden 0.58 0.340.922
27Richard Hustwayte0.180.550.060.170.914
28Jim Robinson   0.900.901
29Emma Clarke 0.34 0.520.862
30George Brownhill 0.130.69 0.822
31Matty Brennan 0.79  0.791
32Dan Speed0.76   0.761
33Sarah Halford0.120.63  0.752
34Matt Calladine 0.320.190.240.743
35Caroline Wickham 0.74  0.741
36Brian Goodall 0.71  0.711
37Rachel Hustwayte   0.660.661
38Helen Fensome0.64   0.641
39Claire Harrison 0.61  0.611
40Tom Stokes   0.480.481
41Jane Harris0.45   0.451
42Sarah Edwards   0.450.451
43Sue Baker0.120.29  0.412
44Stuart Whitaker0.27  0.140.412
45Amie Batchelor 0.39  0.391
46Helen Lowe Geary 0.37  0.371
47Patrick Noonan  0.31 0.311
48Danni Wood 0.24  0.241
49Steve Wickham 0.08 0.070.152
50Brett Belshaw 0.11  0.111
51Andy Kenyon0.06   0.061
52Melanie Brennan 0.05  0.051
53Wayne Collings 0.03  0.031

Handicap Finishing Order

 Finishing positionsFinish TimesScoreStart TimeTime
1Dave Pearson19:46:302919:09:1000:37:20
2Maurice Davey19:50:002819:00:0000:50:00
3Stephanie Kern19:50:302719:08:2800:42:02
4Jim Robinson19:51:002619:18:4700:32:13
5Louise Marson19:51:302519:21:4100:29:49
6Nicola Photiou19:51:402419:16:0200:35:38
7Lauren Bjorn19:51:452319:19:0100:32:44
8Neil Roberts19:52:002219:14:4800:37:12
9Paul Boothroyd19:52:102119:21:3300:30:37
10George Brownhill19:52:122019:14:5600:37:16
11Rachel Hustwayte19:52:151919:20:2800:31:47
12Lisa Rull19:52:201819:07:1600:45:04
13Richard Hyde19:52:301719:26:2000:26:10
14John Wadelin19:52:351619:31:2700:21:08
15Emma Clarke19:52:501519:13:4300:39:07
16Tom Stokes19:52:501419:30:1900:22:31
17Sarah Edwards19:53:051319:23:0800:29:57
18Craig Trembirth19:53:101219:27:5500:25:15
19Ian MacNamee19:53:151119:25:2100:27:54
20Catherine Eden19:53:251019:21:5800:31:27
21Philip Shearing19:53:50919:27:3000:26:20
22Colin Lewis19:54:00819:25:2000:28:40
23Matt Calladine19:54:10719:10:0900:44:01
24Rachel Lee19:54:10619:23:3400:30:36
25Richard Hustwayte19:54:30519:24:5200:29:38
26Stuart Whittaker19:54:55419:23:1400:31:41
27Julian Brearley19:55:20319:25:2100:29:59
28Steve Wickham19:55:40219:24:5700:30:43
29Kevin Roughton19:57:30119:18:5900:38:31


Finishers AFTER
Arbitrary time
 Finishers BEFORE
Arbitrary time
 Name                                               Name                                             
1Patrick Murdoch -1Wayne Collings
2Paul Boothroyd -2Mel Brennan
3Richard Kerry -3Steve Wickham
4Craig Trembirth -4Brett Belshaw
5Phil Shearing   
6Julian Brearley   
7Ian ?   
9Matty Brennan   
 10John Wadelin   
 11Caroline Wickham   
12Brian Goodall   
13Colin Lewis   
14Lauren Bjorn   
15Sarah Halford   
16Claire Harrison   
17Cat Eden   
18Richard Hustwayte   
19Bob Browne   
20Louise Marson   
21Kevin Roughton   
22Nicola Photiou   
23Fran Wadelin   
24Amie Batchelor   
25Helen Lowe Geary   
26Emma Clarke   
27Matt Calladine   
28Sue Baker   
29Anne Brownhill   
30Danni Wood   
31Dave Taylor   
32Neil Roberts   
34George Brownhill   

Pairs R1

 CompetitorPairs 1MysteryPairs 2HandicapTotal
1Karen Hodgson33   33
2Anne Brownhill30   30
3John Wadelin30   30
4Paul Boothroyd29   29
5Rachel Lee29   29
6Nicola Photiou27   27
7Dan Speed25   25
8Kevin Roughton23   23
9Helen Fensome21   21
10Bob Browne20   20
11Richard Kerry20   20
12Ian 20   20
13Phil Shearing18   18
14Jane Harris15   15
15Patrick Murdoch15   15
16Colin Lewis13   13
17Gary Newham11   11
18Stuart Whitaker9   9
19Louise Marson8   8
20Richard Hustwayte6   6
21Sarah Halford4   4
22Sue Baker4   4
23Andy Kenyon2   2




 Roll of honour - previous winners



2017Paul Boothroyd
2016Tom Stokes


Sue Baker

2014Paul Boothroyd


John Wadelin


John Wadelin


Matty Brennan


Kevin Roughton/Neil Weightman


Jeff Gifford


Melanie Brennan