Its cross country time: leagues + champs = mulled wine.

Behold the cross country season is upon us.


All the races are free for you to enter (race fees covered by EVRC membership) all you have to do is wear the team vest and show up. We have 2 leagues (east mids & north mids) plus our EVRC champs. Cross Country is very much a team affair as the tent is really difficult to put down...c#ck n balls, flaps closed, jump on it. The East Mids has a team league and the North Mids has a team and individual league. The team scoring in a race is the sum of the individuals finishing positions (1st place = 1 point).

Slightly more detail

East Midlands League:

This is the local league with most of the clubs that you’re familiar with from the Summer League. The overall league score is the sum of the teams finishing position e.g. EVRC win race 1 = 1 point, we win the 2nd race = 1 point, therefore the league score would be 2 points.

Teams are made up of Senior Men = 4, Senior Women = 3, Vets Men (40+) =4, Vets Women (35+) =3

The courses are 4.5-5mile for the men and 2.5-3mile for the delicate ladies.  

North Mids:

This is the much larger league and brings in clubs from the entire region (“North Mids” is the original name the catchment has expanded a little). The scoring is a cumulative score across the fixtures e.g. race 1 EVRC scores 100 points, race 2 we score 100 points therefore the current league points would be 200.

Teams are made up of Men = 5, Women = 3,

The courses are 5.5-6mile for the men and 3-3.5mile for the ladies.

EVRC Champs:

This is where we face off man v man, woman v woman. Winner takes all and the loser gets fed to the Cow Gods of Kamikaze. Because the courses are so varied and the points are allocated for competing plus crushing your opposition it’s a really open race…as long as you come out to play.

The Fixtures (Start times = North Mids 13:25 Ladies, 13:55 Men. East Mids 11:00)

12/11/2016: Kettering (Wicksteed Park) NM

27/11/2016: Holme Pierrepont EM EVRC CHAMPS

03/12/2016: Heanor: (Shipley Park) NM EVRC CHAMPS

14/01/2016: Nottingham: (Wollaton Park) NM EVRC CHAMPS

15/01/2017: Bramcote Woods EM (we organise this 1) BEER MILE III

05/02/2017: Colwick Woods EM EVRC CHAMPS

19/02/2017: Trent Meadows EM EVRC CHAMPS

Other News

CRA:P ‘s first winner is Rachel with a haul of £27

Matty 2nd, Pete 5th on a dark peak

Watto and the Wickhams set age group records

EVRC get through round 1 of the North Mids unscathed and collapse the tent in 10minutes

EVRC Fell champs; Kieran and Liz are on for the titles but a bun fight is on for the minor medals

EVRC Road Champs; bets are being took on the final standings

ERIC; you don’t need to know the scoring system just make cake, race and be nice


Cheers see you Wednesday - John W