EVRC's CRA:P for Cash!

You leave for work its dark, you leave work for home its dark, if you’re retired…meh shush, go away. Welcome to the Autumn! Of course there are loads of positives about the winter season e.g. having the heating on = warm pants in the morning, 50% less cyclists and dog walkers clogging up the paths, student obstacles in town for race practice, cross country league is back.

There’s lots to look forward to over the next few months and here’s a little list of save the date or coming very soon.

Events & Other

12/10/16 Clever Raffle Action: Parkrun (CRA:P for cash)

Every month we’re going to have a little tactical sweepstake. There will be a judgement element involved to win the cash. The judgement element will change (nearly) every month. This month its Parkrun based.

October Challenge = What will the cumulative time be for EVRC’s 3 fastest parkrun runners for parkruns on 15/10/16?  E.g last Saturday we had Watson (18:45) + Kevin (26:06) + Helen (29:36) = 01:14:27

How to Enter = Between now and Wednesday 12th Oct there will be a sheet circulating at club night. Add your name, your time and pay £2 to John W or Gary.

Entry = £2

Prize = Winner takes 50 % of the pot (other 50% goes to a charity)

Rules =

1.       The winner will be the person who has predicted the closest time.

2.       If it’s a dead-heat there will be a tie breaker of guess the following Saturdays 3 cumulative times.

3.       Match fixing will lead to a life time ban.

Friday 04/12/16 Christmas EVRC Cask Ale and Cocktail Tour 2016: Derby. http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/christmas-pub-time

Save the date, ditch the kids and spend the Christmas present money on beer! A gentle night out in the ale pubs of Derby starting at 18:30 and finishing at kicking out time. Plan and pub directions are on the events page link above.

October Races

Saturday 15/10/16 North Midlands Cross Country League R1 – Markeaton Park http://www.northmidsxcleague.co.uk/ (EVRC XC Champs details coming out V soon..but the more you do = bonus points)

It’s the XC season! Markeaton is an easy rolling course to ease yourself into the XC. 6km for the Ladies and 10km for the Gents. The course is all grass with 1 very runnable hill, a few undulations and some gentle twists and turns. It’s usually low mud and suitable for light trail shoes or spikes.

We have a Men’s and Women’s Senior teams entered (vets count as seniors..it’s a what’s the most likely to give us a full team thing). You just need to wear your vest as the entry requirement and show up. Our main target is always the sufferfest of the East Mids league, but the North Mids are incredibly good stand-alone events, everybody is welcome and it’s well worth going along.

Women KO: 13:25

Men KO: 13:55

Sunday 16/10/16 Windgather Fell Race – EVRC Champs race http://www.macclesfield-harriers.co.uk/index.php/fell-running-mainmenu-26/windgather-fell-race

Distance: 21.8km / 13.5m

Ascent: 762m / 2500ft

Entry: £10 (includes Forestry Commission Fee) on the day, proceeds to local good causes.

Last chance to get a “long” race ticked off for the Fell champs (http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/fell-running-championship-2016) .

If you’ve never done a L class before this is tagged as one of the of accessible ones (Neil’s judgement…I wouldn’t have a clue). If you've any concerns about embracing the fells we've got some very experienced and talented fell goats rattling round who genuinely want to help out and actually know how to use a compass + map…take advantage (for clarity ask questions don’t take advantage in a creepy way).


This month’s headline performances got to Matty for his 3rd place at the Hardmoors 60, Colin for the MV60 club marathon record at Robin Hood (03:37:31), Sue for taking down her FV60 10k club record and Danni Wood for running a ridiculous 15laps (150k) at the Equinox 24.  Stirling work people!

Other notables include Jane knocking 12mins off her half marathon PB from spring and Pete Watson showing to be a bit of a natural at ultra-running with a 7th place in the High Peak 40. Actually there’s been loads have a look for yourself http://www.evrc.co.uk/results

The Championships (WAVA, Fell, Elite, ERIC) will all be getting updated next week so please point out any missed results (I try to stalk all of you but I miss/forget things these days).

See you Wednesday – John W