Beginning running

Erewash Valley Running Club: beginners (EVRCb) Couch to 5k

New free 8 week Beginners Course

Meeting At Sandiacre Town Football Club each Wednesday evening from 18:40 for a 19:00 depart.

St Giles Park, Stanton Road, Sandiacre, Nottingham NG10 5DE

Week 1: Wednesday 4th April  18:40 (19:00 prompt depart)

EVRCb Couch to 5k  (and onwards)The Course

Erewash Valley Running Club: beginners Couch to 5k Course is all about helping people become runners in a slow structured way, walking and running in small intervals and building your fitness up. There is no competition and we focus on support, friendship and fun. Anyone can be a runner and we certainly will do our best to help you become one.

This Beginners Course is designed to get you to the point where you can run 5K in a relaxed pace. It’s a simple, progressive program that begins with more walking than running, and gradually evolves into more running than walking.

Once you are able to run 5K nonstop, you can decide on your next goal. You might simply want to continue running 5K at a time, three or four days per week. Research has shown that this is enough to help you lose or maintain weight, and improve many other important health markers, i.e. your cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin response.

Or you might decide that you want to do more i.e 10K or Half Marathons. Don’t be intimidated the first 5K's are the hardest you will ever run. Once you have reached this level of fitness, it’s relatively easy to do more. You simply have to budget the time, and be patient and disciplined in your training. If you have caught the running bug at the end of the course sign up to EVRC and we have a plan in place to take you to a 10k in October via races, competitions and lots of cake.

Here Are Four Key Points To Consider Before You Begin The EVRCb Couch to 5k Course

1. If you are over 40, not accustomed to any exercise, or more than 20 pounds overweight, consult with your physician. Unless you have a known health risk, your doctor will probably encourage you to begin a run-walk program, but it’s always wise to check.

2. Schedule your workouts. You won’t find time for them unless you make time for them. Put them in your phone, computer, daily appointment planner, on the front of your refrigerator, or wherever else you keep your schedule.

3. Expect bad days. Everyone has them, but they pass quickly, and the next workout is often better than the previous one. So stick with the program.

4. Don’t rush. In the fitness world, rushing leads to injuries and discouragement. Be patient, and go slow. The goal is to reach 5K of continuous running, not to set any records getting there.

Any questions? Ask anything you like via email:  or  Facebook messages  and we’ll get back to you.

EVRCb Couch to 5k Week 1:

We’ll meet in the carpark of St Giles Park (Sandiacre FC and EVRC’s home) at 18:40 for brief introductions and to register. If you could pre-fill in this form that will help ease things along. There is limited car parking in the St Giles carpark, plenty of on street parking and extra parking available in the St Giles Church Hall carpark (directly behind St Giles Park, though please park to the left of the carpark at the furthest point from the hall to be fair to our non 5k targeting neighbours).  

On arrival please come over and say hello to the EVRC run leaders (we’ll be wearing our yellow EVRC vests upon multiple layers of fetching day glow).

At 19:00 we’ll start week 1 of 8 weeks of our EVRCb Couch to 5k course.

At 19:40 (ish) we’ll be back at the clubhouse and the bar will be open.

Week 1 Run: Begin with a 5 minute warm-up or brisk five-minute walk, then alternate 1 Minute of running and 1 Minute of walking, for a total of 20 minutes followed by a 5 minute cool down.

Your (regular) EVRCb Run Leaders

Kevin. The man with the training certificates and the coordinator for everything EVRCb.



Gary. The EVRC Gary and the man most likely to complain about being tired 1st  and grinning.

John. The EVRC Gents team captain and the man never to take route directions from (a complete navigational liability).

Running related resources

Parkrun. Free timed and organised 5k’s. This is where we’ll be targeting to do our 1st ever EVRCb 5k

Strava. A GPS app for your phone and a social training log, a little like facebook for runners. Find EVRC on there.

EVRC Newsletters. The ramblings of EVRC.

Fetcheveryone. A training log tool that syncs with your running watch/phone app with lots of analysis and an excellent race finder tool.

Run Britain Rankings & Run Britain. The UKA websites where you can find nearly all race results from and it’s where the UK’s running rankings live.


General Tips

If you have not run before it can be a little daunting setting out on your first jog.

If you are in this situation, we have compiled a list of tips below.  Use this as a guide before pulling on your shoes and heading out for the first time:

1. Buy a good pair of running shoes
You don't have to buy the top of the range, which could set you back several hundred pounds. But, it's important to ensure that your shoes will provide sufficient cushioning to protect your back and lower limbs from injury.

2. Walk before you run
For the first four weeks you should have a 5-15 minute warm-up walk before breaking into a trot, followed by a warm-down stroll.

3. Try to run/walk at least three times a week
You won't really benefit if you do less than this. However, don't run if you're unwell, as this might increase the time you'll take to recover.

4. Try not to run two days in a row for the first two months
Give your muscles and tendons a chance to adapt to running.

5. Focus on time, not distance
Your running programme should be designed to gradually increase the time you spend on your feet, rather than the miles.

6. Try to avoid big increases in time on your feet
If you ran a total of thirty minutes last week, don't increase this by more than ten minutes the following week.

7. Be patient
Don't enter races too soon.  No matter how much your friends pressurise you.  Wait until you can run at least 30 minutes without resting before lining up for that first race.

8. Find a like-minded friend to run with
Some of the greatest friendships have been formed during training runs.

9. Enjoy your running
It's nice to be competitive, but not if the pressures are going to impact on your health and general life style.  Avoid getting into the trap of entering a race every week, come what may, because this is the surest way of becoming injured.

10. Join a running club
The best way to get started is to join a running club like Erewash Valley!  You'll receive loads of encouragement, advice and it's just more fun!