Our women runners

Here are some of our amazing women runners. Select each one to read more about their passion for running.

AmieBW's picture    Amie

Run on the Saturday 5 - 7 k or Long Eaton Park Run
Run at the weekend on Sunday with family - Approx 6 - 7.5 k.
Would like to build upto 10 k

Monkie83's picture    Claire

Beginner that wants to get fast and better

Dani Watson's picture    Dani

I love running, but I love being part of a running club more. It’s so much more fun than I ever thought it would be and you can choose to get involved in as much or as little as you want to. I had been running for a few years on and off as a way to keep fit but without doing any races. Following a suggestion to join a running club, I found EVRC in March 2014. I came along for a couple of weeks before joining and they were all really welcoming and friendly. The club is great for pushing me to do things that I wouldn’t have considered before: last year I ran the Reykjavik half marathon and Paris marathon, plus there are the summer league and cross country races that you get entry to as part of the club.

Running with the club has increased the variety of runs that I do and my confidence in my ability. The weekly Tuesday night track sessions we do definitely improving my speed last year. The social side is brilliant and there are plenty of opportunities to have fun with your running, not to mention all the opportunities for eating cake and enjoying a drink.

Clarkie1979's picture    Emma

Couch to 5k beginner

Fran Wadelin's picture    Fran

Mostly cake-fuelled, lacking speed

Helen's picture    Helen

I like to try and keep fit and after many years of trying various types of exercise such as the gym, fitness classes, aqua aerobics etc, I started running locally with a friend. We built up to 3 times a week and did this for many years but once my friend moved to Cornwall I found it hard to motivate myself. I dibbed in and out but then last year plucked up the courage to do the couch to 5K and also started running with one of the mums at school. Having just done the couch to 5k with EVRC I want to build on this with the next goal being 10k

Karen Hodgson's picture    Karen

Aged 27 I was diagnosed with a disease of the heart muscle called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. I had no idea beforehand that I had this mostly inherited condition, not until I began to have symptoms of breathlessness, palpitations and dizzy spells. I went on to live with worsening heart function for 16 years. Life was a struggle, although I continued to work full time and got used to my symptoms! I certainly couldn't do any exercise as I became very breathless just walking up the stairs. My liver was often 25 % enlarged with extra fluid that my heart couldn't pump around the body and so I was often nauseous, couldn't eat and would start retching. I was told I couldn't have children as my heart wouldn't cope with a pregnancy and generally I just felt rubbish. After years of being on medications and undergoing various procedures on my heart the time came when my Consultant at Papworth Hospital told me that my heart was so weak that I had up to 18 months to live and needed a heart transplant.

In July 2006 I got lucky and a heart became available. As I lay on the trolley waiting for the anesthetic to kick in, I closed my eyes and pictured my husband and I, who is a fell runner and club member running together over the moors and hills in the Peaks. I loved the outdoors and longed to run and be free and not trapped inside this weak body.

So - I survived and as soon as I was out of hospital I started to build up my fitness and before long I was able to join the club and found everyone to be really friendly and supportive. I have always been pretty much the slowest runner in the club and for me keeping up with the group on a wednesday night who are having a gentle run has pretty much been me at my maximum effort but it has really helped build my stamina and speed. If I am having an off night there is always someone willing to run with me.

What I love about being part of a club is that it has encouraged even a plodder like me to get into racing. The summer road race league where we run against other clubs and the winter cross country league have meant I can test myself against the slower runners from other clubs as I have got to know their faces and we have our own mini battles at the back of the pack!

I have also found myself involved in Transplant Sport and have now won countless medals at the British, European and World Transplant Games. I won silver in the 1500 m and bronze in the 800m at the World Games in Argentina in 2015 which I put down to the track training I do with the club.

The club has also spurred me on to run 5 half marathons and in 2012 I ran the London Marathon and believe I was the first British woman heart transplantee to do so. I have even taken up fell running.

For me running is my life - as long as I can feel my heart beating strongly and the blood pumping through my veins I know I am truly alive. Women of Erewash - don't ever think you can't run - If I can you can! Come and join us.

Rullsenberg's picture    Lisa

Spring 2018
Got a PB for my most recent 10k (Ashbourne 10 SBR race) of 1 hour 10:50. My parkrun 5k PB is down to 32:31. Getting there!
Spring 2017
Completed 4 Race for Life 5k events (fastest time 31:24 in 2016) and parkrun regularly since May 2016 (fastest time 33:58). Still getting back to fitness as I have had breast cancer. Completed C25K with Erewash Feb-April 2017. Starting to run 10k.

Liz Bridgen's picture    Liz

My university diet of beer and takeaways was not kind to me and when our chain smoking, overweight, postman commented that I had trouble climbing a flight of steps I knew it was time to act. So, as an overweight 20-something, I took up swimming and aerobics. This helped me gain some fitness but I hated being cooped up inside. A year later, on very little running, I ran the Robin Hood half marathon and despite not having run more than eight miles in training I finished in 2:15.

After this slightly painful debut I joined a running club, learnt about training and the fun of running in a group, and a year later entered another half marathon and finished in 1:45. I was then introduced to fell running, which I still love, and since then my running career has taken some amazing twists and turns and I've now taken part in marathons, two-day mountain marathons, and triathlons (and training off road in the dark which is both terrifying and fun) both in the UK and abroad.

Frighteningly, that first half marathon was 23 years ago and I'm still running, still loving it, and hope to show that age (and having kids) is no barrier to training and being competitive. Running has brought me some amazing friendships and experiences and above all, a lot of fun.

Louise Marson's picture    Louise

Just getting into running, run when I can at the moment.
Want to up distance and enter more races to keep motivated.

Melaniethorpe's picture    Melanie

Been running about 3 years, started doing 10k, then half marathons and now signed up to Ashby 20 and Brighton marathon

niksy_k's picture    Nikki

Variety of anything and everything. And dip my toe in triathlon too.

Rachel Lee's picture    Rachel

I'm a keen runner, and like a challenge, I've ran 10 marathons and want to experience running with a friendly group,

Sarah Edwards's picture    Sarah

Due to work commitments I do struggle to make club sessions but when I do I have always have a great time and feel I'm made very welcome, both by some great ladies and men. I have ran alone for a number if years, mainly distance but recently I have achieved my sub 50 minutes for a 10km. The track sessions are great, very different from any training I have fine before. Great club and super friendly!!

Sophie draycott's picture    Sophie

Used to run regularly on my own. Then for the past 5 years I've had three kids and running has become impossible to fit In albeit occasionally.
Now the kids older I am able to start again from scratch

Zoe Shelmerdine's picture    Zoe

I have been running for a few months now and slowly building up distance and speed.. I've never had 2 runs the same! So still looking forward to that. I ran with the club on Wednesday 13th as my first training session.