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XC Champs for 2008/09


And the winners are ..........................

Ladies      Caroline Wickham

Younger Division    Craig Trembirth

Older Division        Steve Wickham

Special mention to Caroline Wickham and Nigel Starr for competing in all rounds of the competition this season.

Digital photo frame

The club has purchased a digital photo frame.  Brian will bring this up on a Wednesday night for anyone to show photos old or new.

Photos need to be on a JPG supported memory card up to 2GB type XD, SD, MS, MMC and USB.


George & Anne get Tony Trembirth award

Congratulations to George and Anne Brownhill for being awarded the Tony Trembirth award for 2008.

What can be said about this pair?

Total dedication to the club.  I think they come every week.

Keeping the web site up to date with stories, photos, results, news.

Performing such feats as walking the Pennine Way, only to turn around and walk it back again.

Fell Championship 2008

Congratulations to Richard Hyde on winning not only the Overall Title but the Handicap Section as well.  (The editor does not want to comment on the rumours circulating re bribery, cheating, manipulation, nobbling etc !!!)


All results are in the RESULTS section.

Road Championship 2008

Congratulations to the category winners in this inaugeral ... Hopefully this event will become a permanent fixture in our calendar.

Senior Lady       ... Maria Kerr
Ladies over 40  ... Sue Baker

Senior Men       ... Craig Trembirth
Men 50 - 59      ... Brian Goodall
Men over 60     ... Maurice Davey

Full results are in the RESULTS section

E.R.I.C. Winner 2008

The very worthy winner of this year's ERIC Trophy is NIGEL STARR.

Not only did Nigel compete in more races than anyone else this year but he was here, there and everywhere giving support to other competitors when he wasn't running, organising things like the badminton night and generally being a good club member.  Congratulations and thanks Nigel.


Xmas Lights/Buffet/London Entry

An excellent turn out for the annual Xmas Lights run on the 17th saw a good 20 - 30 runners charging off towards Long Eaton looking for "lit up" houses.  This seemed to be rather more difficult than normal as every house seemed to be cutting back due to the recession.  Four runners veered off in a different direction from the rest and managed to "light up " the area !! And have the photo to prove it !


Pairs 2008

Thank you to all who took part in this new competition.  We had a total of 32 different runners taking part in one or more of the races.  The overall winner was Melanie Dilley but it was very close!

Of the 32 runners who took part :-

11 competed in 4 or more
  6 competed in 3
  8 competed in 2
  7 competed in 1

Our hero

Most of you will remember that Paul Boothroyd, who is in the T.A. has been sent to Afghanistan for a six month tour of duty.  He previously spent a six month tour in Iraq at the beginning of the conflict there.  This Email was received today so that you can keep check on his welfare: