Cross Country Champs

Congratulations to the winners of the 2011/2012 Cross Country Championships


Younger Division --------- Matty Brennan

    Older Division ---------Steve Wickham


              Overall ---------Caroline Wickham

Tony Trembirth Award

This award is in memory of our great friend Tony who has been "gone" almost eight year now.
The recipient is chosen by the rank and file who, in their opinion, has achieved something outstanding during the year.

Presentation/Buffet Evening

A very good evening was had by all who attended our annual "do" last night at The Roal Oak, Ockbrook.
The food, once again, was excellent and the beer went down a treat.
We all managed to hear ourselves speak, with just soft music in the background and not the deafening discos of the past.
The presentations went off without too many problems (See other places in the website for details)
Stuart & Jim won the light hearted quiz (If anyone wants to organise the next one make sure it is not geographical !!!)

Garmin route

Here's a Garmin route created by Matt.  If you think it would be useful to include these on the site let us know and we can do it for races and training runs alike.

Xmas Lights Night

A great night was had by all on Wednesday with our annual run round Sandiacre to see the house decorations AND we almost all stuck together!!! Thanks to "Smiler" for organising the route (looks like you have a job for life!).
This was followed by an excellent buffet and beer upstairs afterwards. Thanks to all who contributed.
The usual draw for the club "London" places took place. These were won by Dennis Parker and Simon Pitts. Great things are now expected from these two!!. 
(Apologies for the picture quality)

E.R.I.C. Change

It has been decided to change the format for the E.R.I.C. Trophy.
This will now be awarded to the athlete deemed to have been the best improved runner over the previous year. Check out the rules HERE

Hill Rep Sessions

I am proposing that on Mondays we do an evening of hill reps. Start time will be 6.30pm at the club. It will last 1 hour so plenty of time to then get home for tea. So far I have the following volunteers: Andy Kenyon, Gary Newham, Liz Bridgen and me. 
First official session will be Monday (26th Sept). Which I can't actually make but we rehearsed this last Wednesday so Andy K and Gary N know where to go and what to do.  
Any more takers?


Bike O/Trailquest Hillclimb Test on August 3rd

If you need hill training, why not try it on a mountain bike?

Dark & White are offering the following on 3rd August 2011...

A 2 hour evening Bike O run along slightly different lines to the traditional score/route choice style event. Starting from a central point, there are 6 routes to follow all of which go uphill. Each uphill has control points (SPORTident boxes) in ascending order of value i.e. the higher you go the greater the points!

Karen gets bronze in the 3K and silver in the 1500m at the Transplant Games

Karen got her first medal in Gothenburg, at the World Transplant Games in the 3K women's run.  She was up against stiff competition so did extremely well.

She has now got a silver in the 1500m.

Video of the finish of the 3K below.  Jump to 4 minutes in.  She was raced to the finish by 2 runners close behind her but managed to hold her position.

Away Day follow-up

Apparently the AWAY-DAY was a resounding success centred in and around The Bell & Harp somewhere near Duffield/Coxbench. Everyone is looking forward to the next one !!

Some photos submitted by Gary Newham ... If anyone has more please send to George, usual address.



Stretch your iliopsoas muscle

Having studied back injuries for a while now, I'd seriously recommend that you stretch your psoas muscles regularly to avoid injury.

This muscle attaches to the femor and lumbar spine.  It gets tight through exercise and pulls the lumbar spine forwards.  This tilts the pelvis forward and can lead to lumbar injuries such as disk instability, herniated disks, etc.  I wish I'd done this years ago!

A good test of a tight psoas is to do the exercise in the video below.  If the loose leg does not go lower than the horizontal when it hangs freely then you have a tight psoas.

Wednesday night club away run - Wed 25th May

We have planned one of our now traditional Wednesday nights in May and June when we decamp to a local hostelry and go for a social run around a few tracks and trails.

The terrain will be gentle with maybe only one or two easy climbs and distance wise it will be approx 6miles. There will be a couple of routes provided for a faster and a slower group and you will have a group leader with a map with you for good measure.

So not too strenuous and you won't get lost, promise.

The first date is Wed 25th May.