Bob Graham Round (A really long run up every high bit in the Lake District)

This Weekend EVRC’s Neil is off on a bit of an epic run in the Lake District. He’s off to run the Bob Graham Round (Liz has done some background info below). There will be some assistance from various EVRC people with navigation, carrying supplies and loobing those sore bits.

Leadership in Running Fitness – Nottingham Course

There’s an England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course being run in Nottingham in June. The full details and links are below its for anybody that has any interest in leading casual running groups, there’s lots of background topics covered etc.


Below are the details of the course, plus links to additional information:



Summer League 13th April 19:15, Hexgreave Park

Here's the info for round 1 of the summer league. You just need to wear your EVRC vest and turn up, no pre registartion and league entry fees are covered with your membership. Run in a circle, somebody gives you a token at the end, hand token to team captain (Rachel or John) and that's it. It's an excellent light trail race suitable for all and a series of races we really try and support. Let's see if we can improve on last seasons excellent results.

Long Sleeve Tops

The long sleeve tops have arrived! They're £26 and are in the club colours with EVRC branding i.e they're league race legal. Those that had their names down pre-order get 1st dibs then its 1st come 1st served. Brian has the stock so come down on club night with your £26 and buy on the night.

If we run out a new order can be placed.

Marathon Des Sables 05/04/2015

Live Tracking: track the little fellas and ladies stagger round the Sahara. 

Route details etc:

Updates (pending)

10/04/15: Stage5: 42.2km (26.2 miles). 26.2 miles is a marathon. For clarity all marathons are the same length. Time Limit 12:00hrs. Word of the day = “Oued” A valley, gulley or stream bed which is dry. Not a weird typo by a mental bearded bloke in a desert.


We have settled on a date for our annual club evening out running around some of the Derbyshire Gritstone Edges. It is Thursday 12th June. We will start as usual from the Robin Hood Pub just outside Baslow. Aim to be there in time to start running bang on 7pm. As always there will be a choice of longer or shorter routes varying from 5 up to 10 miles with varying degrees of climb involved. First timers are of course very welcome. There will be a more experienced person with every group so you won't get lost (unless you are in Nick's group!).

Group run and BBQ at the Nottingham Runner

Hi Runners,

I am e-mailing to let you know of a fantastic evening event we are hosting alongside New balance on Wednesday 30th April.

After our normal store hours we will be re-opening at 6.15pm for a group run of 3-4 miles open to anyone starting at 6.30pm. We would love as many local clubs as possible to come along and get involved, making it one huge club run!

Once we get back to the shop we will stay open for another couple of hours, with extra in store discount and a FREE BBQ!


At this year's Presentation/Buffet Evening we held a raffle with all proceeds going to the chosen charity of Treetops Hospice in Risley.
We managed to raise an excellent £70 which was duly forwarded. In reply, the following letter was received:-

Treetops Letter


Cross Country Champs

Congratulations to the Belshaw family and Richard Hyde for winning the various categories for 2013/14.

A very fierce contest this year with a total of 30 participants which kept the competition wide open until the very end.

Thanks to Stuart for looking after the points!

All our results are HERE