Nots AAA Summer League R5. Teversal 02/08/17 19:15

The final round of the Summer League is Wednesday 02/08/17 at Teversal. The race instructions are below. Please try and make the race if you can, we’ve worked very hard and this is the last race so lets try and stay on/get on that podium.

Address: Teversal visitor centre, Carnarvon St, Teversal, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 3HJ. (Parking is in the field via Coppywood Close NG17 3LL)

East Midlands Cross Country League 19/02/17 Trent Meadows

Its the last race of the XC season at Trent Meadows tomorrow.

The sat Nav details are NG10 2FT, meadow Lane, Long Eaton. Kick Off is 11:00.

It'll be a little muddy so come prepared with grippy shoes and dry pants.

Post race recovery is at the Tappers Harker pub a couple of mins away.

Couch to 5k new starters group. EVRCb Couch to 5K

We're trialling a new beginners group based on the established couch to 5k program. It’s our 1st   go at organising a new starters group, its targetting at complete beginners and is planned as a one off experiment.

The course starts on Wednesday 01/03/17 at 18:30 from HQ (We depart at 18:30 and plan to be back at HQ by 19:00..back in time to then head off on a normal club run.).

Do you want to know who won the champs?

The positions have changed in December ...and there's still a few days left...maybe just enough time for a 5k PB down at the parkrun to influence the ERIC or the WAVA?

Who has clinched the WAVA podium positions?

Who has took the Elite titles?

National and County XC Champs

If you fancy some extra high end XC racing this season we have the County (Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire) and National Championships at Wollaton Park.

Entry details are below and note the closing dates....09/12 for the countys and 13/01 for the National. Entry is the same as any other race but its for club affiliated club runners only.


Cross Country County Championships 2017.

Wollaton Park

Saturday 07/01/17

11.55am Senior/ Veteran Women 8000mts (approx)

12.35pm U20/Senior/Vet Men 10,000mts (approx)

12/11/16 Clever Raffle Action: Parkrun (CRA:P for cash)

This months challenge was predict the combined times of the 3 slowest EVRC runners at parkrun on12/11/16.

The result was 01:16:40

The winning prediction was 01:17:00...congratulations Pete!! 14GBP winnings.

Next month its Turkey Winning And Times.....T.W.A.T for cash. Predict the combined times of all the EVRC runners that complete the Keyworth Turkey Trot. Tricky. Entries to be in by Midnight Friday 9th December (xmas pub crawl night out in Derby)

Running Economy Study (free physiological and biomechanical assessment)

Fancy helping out in a Loughborough Uni research project on running economy? Full detailsa re on the poster here /sites/default/files/documents/Recruitment%20Poster.pptx

•Injury free
•BMI <24 kg/m2
•Under 40 years of age
•10 K time:

Males less than 37 min; 

Females less than 40 min

What will you gain from taking part?

•Physiological assessment (measurements of VO2 max, running economy, lactate threshold and lactate turnpoint)

Bob Graham Round (A really long run up every high bit in the Lake District)

This Weekend EVRC’s Neil is off on a bit of an epic run in the Lake District. He’s off to run the Bob Graham Round (Liz has done some background info below). There will be some assistance from various EVRC people with navigation, carrying supplies and loobing those sore bits.

Leadership in Running Fitness – Nottingham Course

There’s an England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course being run in Nottingham in June. The full details and links are below its for anybody that has any interest in leading casual running groups, there’s lots of background topics covered etc.


Below are the details of the course, plus links to additional information:



Summer League 13th April 19:15, Hexgreave Park

Here's the info for round 1 of the summer league. You just need to wear your EVRC vest and turn up, no pre registartion and league entry fees are covered with your membership. Run in a circle, somebody gives you a token at the end, hand token to team captain (Rachel or John) and that's it. It's an excellent light trail race suitable for all and a series of races we really try and support. Let's see if we can improve on last seasons excellent results.