Welcome! Run. Beer. Chips.

Over the past few weeks our EVRC beginners group have become signed up members of EVRC (thankyou to Kevin and all that helped) and we’ve had lots of new faces edging our membership within sniffing distance of 100. Though should we get to a 100 we’ll run out of room in the changing rooms and it’ll be a handicap race to see who gets a peg and who has to get changed in the bin store out back. Welcome new EVRC members!

To help our new members and as refresher for the rest of us I’ve included a very brief guide to the workings of EVRC alongside the usual dates for your diary over the next few weeks.

"EVRC Away Days" are any running/drinking/eating experience not based at HQ. The etiquette of such events is that if they’re happening you’re invited, if something is mentioned in public you’re invited e.g. “I’m going on holiday to xxxxxxxx” = “excellent we’ll see you there!”

1. Pub Runs/Beer Miles/Beer Challenges: You run and drink. Yes you RUN and DRINK and RUN. Sometimes its competitive e.g. The Nothing to do with EVRC beer mile. Sometimes it’s simply to challenge yourself and remain upright.

2. Team Relays: There are various relays we do as a club. Often the entry is covered by the club, but we’ll always let you know pre sign up. The teams are usually selected on the criteria of; let’s try to win A teams, let’s get as many people out to play as possible teams, oh FFS is there anybody left with 2 working legs let’s just cobble together some humans.

Away Days

Pub Run: Saturday 10th June, 18:00, Malt Shovel Inn Shardlow.

It’s a pub crawl in PE kit. We’ll be having a leisurely pint then jogging down the canal/river with pub pit stops until we get to Long Eaton for the train/bus/taxi home. The max mileage is 5miles. There is no cap on beer consumption.

Hairy Helmet Relays: Friday 16th June, 19:15.

Everybody that said they were good to come out and play are on the team list here. .We have 5 teams entered and paid for by the club. We currently have 18 elite athletes signed up = we need 2 more (plus having reserves is very useful…there’s a bar and bbq so it’s a very nice race to hang around and watch) grab me (john W) on Wednesday or let me know via email reply or FB. In summary it’s a 4 leg relay (2mile legs) in Darley park (light trail and paths), there’s a free beer for every runner and its brilliant fun.

Fish N Chips N Ale: Monday 19th June, 19:00, The Tap House, Draycott, Derby DE72 3PS .A chance to eat chips and drink beer in a very nice pub. Pretty self-explanatory. Shout up on club night or on FB if you’re interested and hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze you in last min.

Nothing to do with EVRC Challenge your Constitution: Saturday 1st July, 10:00. It’s a little like beer mile…but in a field, on a hill. Full details to come.

League Races & EVRC Champs* 

Fell Champs Race Accelerate Edale: Sunday, 11th June. http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4815 . There’s no clear winner this year, go get some points.

Pairs Race2 Mystery Race: Wednesday, 14th June, 19:00, EVRC HQ. Just come along to club night as normal…the rest is a mystery.

Summer League R3 :Wednesday, 21st June, 19:15 Newark Flowserve Sports & Social Club Hawton Lane Balderton near Newark NG24 3BU http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/notts-summer-league-3 . Its round 3 and the teams (current scores info here) are doing spectacularly well. We need every single runner we can muster to stay in the chase. Could the Ladies medal this year…only if we have full teams.


League Races: We enter a summer league http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/summerxc-league-scores and a winter cross country league. As an EVRC member you can race in any of the league races simply by showing up and wearing your EVRC top. All admin and fees are covered by the club and they’re some of the best and friendliest races around. They genuinely put the majority of the commercial races to shame. We’re very much an inclusive club, so if you’re a member of EVRC you’re a member of team EVRC and we’ll continuously nag you until you come and race (everybody should at some point be knee deep in sewage at Trent Meadows…its life affirming).

EVRC Champs: We like each other…but also quite enjoy physically and mentally crushing each other in open competition…in a friendly manner. There’s something for everyone including handicap systems to give everybody a shot at a trophy. If you do a race and we miss your result off please let us know. Be proud of those times and achievements. We keep track of all the EVRC results in a v large spreadsheet and keep records and rankings should you ever forget your PBs http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/club-records .

Road Running WAVA: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/wava-road-running-championship . It’s a handicap system to allow boys vs girls, youths vs vets. It’s going to be close this year.

Road Running Elite: Split by gender and age group across 3 statute distances, the fastest wins. http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/elite-championship

Fell: Split by gender and age groups split across various fixtures http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/fell-running-championship . There should be a race suitable for everyone on the list. Nowhere near as intimidating as you may think, have a chat on club nights about the fells.

Pairs: 4 events. It’s the most open of all the Champs, it’s completely unpredictable and its an absolute bun fight to the wire.  http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/pairs-championship

ERIC http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/erewash-running-incentive-championship : Its all about the points…its also the 1 I haven’t updated yet either…bear with.

That’s all. See you Wednesday – John W