This Wednesday Spring FART

Wednesday: FART into Spring. To celebrate spring being here after the longest winter since 1743 we’re heading out to do the FARTS route on Wednesday. For those not wishing to FART normal club night still stands..but treat yourself and head over the fields. Preferably over the PAIRS route, so there’s none of that getting lost business happening again when the series kicks off.

There’ll be 2 definite FART groups lead by Fran the navigator and me John W..the 1 that didn’t get lost at Hope Winter. There may be an extra group on the night. It’s all for fun but it is 13.5 miles over some tiring terrain, with dangerous wild animals (think the General from watership down, one seriously nasty bunny) , so be sensible. You will need trail shoes, a head torch and a pair of legs that can run 13miles. Whoever is at the back of the group will be fed to the cows if they attack. The clock will be running to set course times (records) so feel free to breakaway from your group and go for the win. Clock starts prompt at 18:30 and 19:00 and stops when you enter the bar shouting I’ve FARTED!

A steady FART 18:30 (2hr half marathon)

An aggressive FART 19:00 (1:30 half marathon)

Not FARTing 19:00 (normal club night)

Rescue teams 21:00

We’ll have maps printed out if that’s any help.


GPX file can be downloaded or route printed:


GPX file can be downloaded or route printed:

Remember its Couch to 5k kick off 4th April. Spread the word! Bit worried nobody will show up. The flyer is here if anybody can print off and distribute amongst the world.

Beware the Bunny.