Tansley Hills


A local favourite run in some very soggy conditions this year.

Race review from Karen: 

Tansley Fell Race - I loved the new route, much tougher as more ascent but much less Tarmac , in fact hardly any. Great run in the rain up and down, up and down , up and down mostly through the woods on narrow paths, which Rick didn't like as he got stuck behind others - in fact , a much awaited return for Rick in his first fell race for 10 whole bloody months!!!! Thank god you are back - hopefully - after a long and boring injury sojourn , hence running very steady and getting stuck behind the slow ones. Great run by Helen who has got the Fell bug and also ran Shining Tor the night before. Steve arrived at the last minute to make us four, so full points all round.

56. Richard Hyde 00:43:29

74. Steve Wickham 00:45:35

109. Helen Fensome 00:56:03

124. Karen Hodgson 01:06:41


Event date: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:45pm