Summer League R3 Holme pierrepont

Well that was rather fun. We had a true HP experience for R3 of the Summer League…there was a sh!t of a wind to contend with (though its not a patch on the summer of 2015, now that was a horror show). Despite the nibbley breeze there were some very fine performances and it was an excellent race. We had 34 people out running (thankyou) in a field of 572. If you’ve haven’t run a summer league yet..seriously they’re some of the best races out there and they’re part of your membership ie free.

The ladies team is being lead out by Jamie and Helen with excellent support from the rest of team EVRC. Jamie is continuing her move up the leader board with her best placing of the series (6th). This moves her to 4th overall (1 point off 3rd overall and 3rd FV35). Helen is 6th overall (2nd FV45). Which means the Ladies Vets team is in the Bronze medal position (we also have 11th and 18th out of 24).

The Gents team was lead out by Tom finishing in 11th. There’s promising signs of recovery by the old fellas grabbing a 3rd place on the night finish for the Vets

It was a measured 5m race which means it was PB time for; Ian (overall and V50) , Patrick, Sarah (overall and V40), Amie (overall and V35) and Neil (overall and V50).

Next race is Worksop 11th July. It’s a rather nice shady rolling route around the lanes of Worksop college. Some people say it feels like its downhill the entire way, those though people are deluded.


11TomStokesErewash Valley Running Club35-4428.21
21JohnWadelinErewash Valley Running Club35-4429.14
53MattyBrennanErewash Valley Running Club35-4431.08
87AndyWatsonErewash Valley Running Club45-5432.00
6JamieWhittakerErewash Valley Running Club35-4432.47
113PhilShearingErewash Valley Running Club35-4433.15
12HelenStoutErewash Valley Running Club45-5433.57
142CraigTrembirthErewash Valley Running Club35-4434.27
160GaryNewhamErewash Valley Running Club35-4435.01
179IanMacNameeErewash Valley Running Club45-5435.31
202RichardHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club45-5436.26
213SteveWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6436.56
217PatrickNoonanErewash Valley Running ClubSen M37.11
42MelanieBrennanErewash Valley Running Club35-4437.23
58RachelLeeErewash Valley Running Club35-4438.50
251PaulBoothroydErewash Valley Running Club55-6439.03
65SarahHalfordErewash Valley Running Club45-5439.38
264ColinLewisErewash Valley Running Club55-6439.49
76LauraHatswellErewash Valley Running Club35-4440.16
78RachelHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club35-4440.25
277StuartWhittakerErewash Valley Running Club65-7440.51
283PeterStarrErewash Valley Running ClubSen M41.07
96FrancesWadelinErewash Valley Running Club35-4441.56
297LesWittenErewash Valley Running Club55-6442.22
308RobertBrowneErewash Valley Running Club55-6443.34
127AmieBatchelor-WatkinsErewash Valley Running Club35-4444.48
129NicolaPhotiouErewash Valley Running Club35-4445.08
320NeilRobertsErewash Valley Running Club45-5445.25
135CarolineWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6445.53
324DennisParkerErewash Valley Running Club55-6446.04
150SueBakerErewash Valley Running Club65-7447.18
335SimonLewisErewash Valley Running ClubSen M47.53
185StephanieKernErewash Valley Running Club45-5451.36
191LeesaRullErewash Valley Running Club45-5452.45


Senior Mens Teams Overall       
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Holme PierrepontA3051249388  305
2Notts A CA45517292191  455
3Long Eaton R CA545258176111  545
4Rushcliffe ACA903169321413  903
5Mansfield HarriersA967300412255  967
6Sutton HarriersA1114262497355  1114
7Holme PierrepontB1534648448438  1534
8Beeston ACA1608424561623  1608
9Redhill R R A1645537501607  1645
10Retford ACA1697465452780  1697
11Kimberley StridersA2198618784796  2198
12Southwell A27541183673898  2754
13Worksop HarriersA27789171012849  2778
14Erewash ValleyA3489120812721009  3489
15Beeston ACB3743125813001185  3743
16Redhill R R B3988121516031170  3988
17Kimberley StridersB4013130113261386  4013
Vet Mens Teams Overall       
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Holme PierrepontA445195118132  445
2Redhill R RA502152132218  502
3Mansfield HarriersA509161200148  509
4Beeston ACA691195229267  691
5Southwell R CA749230224295  749
6Newark StridersA825250297278  825
7Holme PierrepontB844307262275  844
8Worksop HarriersA850263313274  850
9Erewash ValleyA863405286172  863
10Long Eaton RCA1102414402286  1102
11Holme PierrepontC1253504377372  1253
12Holme PierrepontD1550585503462  1550
13Beeston ACB1805485716604  1805
14Mansfield HarriersB1858524573761  1858
15Redhill R RB1873633671569  1873
16Holme PierrepontE1877683617577  1877
17NotfastA1941513849579  1941
18Sutton HarriersA2073562906605  2073
19Long Eaton RCB2101786700615  2101
20Newark StridersB2241639741861  2241
21Holme PierrepontF2365953731681  2365
22Worksop HarriersB27831095833855  2783
23Erewash ValleyB278810636371088  2788
24Redhill R RC2815978857980  2815
25Holme PierrepontG29781128951899  2978
26Newark StridersC326710419801246  3267
27NotfastB3401112511501126  3401
Senior Womens Teams Overall       
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Notts A CA55172216  55
2Holme PierrepontA172614962  172
3Sutton HarriersA2676391113  267
4Holme PierrepontB333112102119  333
5Beeston A CA375102139134  375
6Notts A CB408189116103  408
7Redhill R RA488231119138  488
8Long Eaton RCA52095322103  520
9Kimberley StridersA614201192221  614
10Retford A CA644142329173  644
11Worksop HarriersA711269234208  711
12Holme PierrepontC742231236275  742
13Formula OneA743236228279  743
14Mansfield HarriersA777217374186  777
15Holme PierrepontD916260341315  916
16Kimberley StridersB1013347323343  1013
17Newark StridersA1175384347444  1175
18Kimberley StridersC1297421437439  1297
19Kimberley StridersD1681608516557  1681
Vet Womens Teams Overall       
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Notts A CA58202315  58
2Holme PierrepontA131473747  131
3Erewash ValleyA179457460  179
4Holme PierrepontB260927989  260
5Beeston ACA2781167884  278
6Redhill R RA32296103123  322
7SouthwellA377144102131  377
8Notts A CB444138202104  444
9Worksop HarriersA481168163150  481
10Holme PierrepontC519161140218  519
11Erewash ValleyB598200199199  598
12Redhill R RB605152241212  605
13Newark StridersA665196215254  665
14Mansfield HarriersA770179306285  770
15Sutton HarriersA812195267350  812
16Holme PierrepontD903300267336  903
17Beeston ACB941338281322  941
18Erewash ValleyC1020353366301  1020
19Worksop HarriersB1072410350312  1072
20Newark StridersB1123382358383  1123
21Mansfield HarriersB1173380423370  1173
22Holme PierrepontE1274384438452  1274
23Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA1300429419452  1300
24Newark StridersC1320472400448  1320


Event date: 
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 9:15am