Summer League R2 Newark / Flowserve Balderton

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Bit cooler than last year for the out and back tour of Newark. We had another good turnout and more good performances. The Ladies are the team chasing the podium this year and they’re in 3rd and still in range of 2nd. Traditionally we hold positions on the closer to home races then catch up at Worksop and Teversal, so looking ok. Individually its again the Ladies leading the way. Jamie  is 5th (3rd FV35) ,Helen is 7th (2FV45) and Caroline 3FV55. Next up is Holmepierre pont 13/06. It’s a measure 5mile round the lake so chance to get some PB’s clocked.



On the night individual

9TomStokesErewash Valley Running Club35-4434.42
45MattyBrennanErewash Valley Running Club35-4437.26
8FJamieWhittakerErewash Valley Running Club35-4441.09
9FHelenStoutErewash Valley Running Club45-5441.19
111CraigTrembirthErewash Valley Running Club35-4441.47
121PhilShearingErewash Valley Running Club35-4442.14
130GaryNewhamErewash Valley Running Club35-4442.44
156RichardKerlyErewash Valley Running Club 44.16
157IanMacNameeErewash Valley Running Club45-5444.19
166RichardHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club45-5444.44
184SteveWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6445.59
189PatrickNoonanErewash Valley Running ClubSen M46.26
208PeterStarrErewash Valley Running ClubSen M47.44
57FSarahHalfordErewash Valley Running Club45-5448.23
59FLauraHatswellErewash Valley Running Club35-4448.37
218PaulBoothroydErewash Valley Running Club55-6448.52
66RachelHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club35-4449.34
233RobertBrowneErewash Valley Running Club55-6450.11
73FFrancesWadelinErewash Valley Running Club35-4450.15
120FAmieBatchelor-WatkinsErewash Valley Running Club35-4455.39
121FNicolaPhotiouErewash Valley Running Club35-4455.49
125FCarolineWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6456.17
269NeilRobertsErewash Valley Running Club45-5456.28
149FStephanieKernErewash Valley Running Club45-5460.14
166FLeesaRullErewash Valley Running Club45-5464.46


Teams. On the night

Senior Mens TeamsNewark 16th May 2018Vet Mens Teams   Senior Womens Teams   Vet Womens Teams  
 Club Points  Club Points  Club Points  Club Points
1Notts A CA92 1Holme PierrepontA118 1Notts A CA22 1Notts A CA23
2Holme PierrepontA93 2Redhill R RA132 2Holme PierrepontA49 2Holme PierrepontA37
3Long Eaton R CA176 3Mansfield HarriersA200 3Sutton HarriersA91 3Erewash ValleyA74
4Rushcliffe ACA321 4Southwell R CA224 4Newark ACA95 4Beeston ACA78
5Mansfield HarriersA412 5Beeston ACA229 5Holme PierrepontB102 5Holme PierrepontB79
6Holme PierrepontB448 6Holme PierrepontB262 6Notts A CB116 6SouthwellA100
7Retford ACA452 7Erewash ValleyA286 7Notts Women RunnersA119 7Redhill R RA103
8Sutton HarriersA497 8Newark StridersA297 8Beeston A CA139 8Holme PierrepontC140
9Redhill R R A501 9Worksop HarriersA313 9Kimberley StridersA192 9Worksop HarriersA163
10Newark ACA503 10Holme PierrepontC377 10Formula OneA228 10Erewash ValleyB199
11Beeston ACA561 11Long Eaton RCA402 11Worksop HarriersA234 11Notts A CB202
12Southwell A673 12Holme PierrepontD503 12Holme PierrepontC236 12Newark StridersA215
13Kimberley StridersA784 13Mansfield HarriersB573 13Notts Women RunnersB314 13Retford ACA215
14Worksop HarriersA1012 14Holme PierrepontE617 14Lomg Eaton RCA322 14Redhill R RB241
15Newark StridersA1150 15Southwell R CB618 15Kimberley StridersB323 15Holme PierrepontD267
16Mansfield HarriersB1268 16Erewash ValleyB637 16Holme PierrepontD341 16Sutton HarriersA267
17Erewash ValleyA1272 17Redhill R RB671 17Formula OneB347 17Beeston ACB281
18Beeston ACB1300 18Long Eaton RCB700 18Mansfield HarriersA374 18Mansfield HarriersA306
19Kimberley StridersB1326 19Beeston ACB716 19Kimberley StridersC437 19Retford ACB329
20Holme PierrepontC1433 20Holme PierrepontF731 20Mansfield HarriersB465 20Worksop HarriersB350
21Redhill R R B1603 21Newark StridersB741 21Kimberley StridersD516 21Newark StridersB358
     22Worksop HarriersB833      22Erewash ValleyC366
     23NotfastA849      23Newark StridersC400
     24Redhill R RC857      24Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA419
     25Sutton HarriersA906      25Mansfield HarriersB423
     26Holme PierrepontG951      26Holme PierrepontE438
     27Worksop HarriersC964      27Newark StridersD441
     28Newark StridersC980      28Newark StridersE485
     29Holme PierrepontH1023      29Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersB500
     30NotfastB1150      30Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersC522

Teams Overall

Senior Mens Teams Overall       Vet Mens Teams Overall        
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017  Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Holme PierrepontA21712493    1Redhill R RA284152132   284
2Notts A CA26417292    2Holme PierrepontA313195118   313
3Long Eaton R CA434258176    3Mansfield HarriersA361161200   361
4Rushcliffe ACA490169321    4Beeston ACA424195229   424
5Mansfield HarriersA712300412    5Southwell R CA454230224   454
6Sutton HarriersA759262497    6Newark StridersA547250297   547
7Retford ACA917465452    7Holme PierrepontB569307262   569
8Beeston ACA985424561    8Worksop HarriersA576263313   576
9Redhill R R A1038537501    9Erewash ValleyA691405286   691
10Holme PierrepontB1096648448    10Long Eaton RCA816414402   816
11Kimberley StridersA1402618784    11Holme PierrepontC881504377   881
12Newark ACA1497994503    12Holme PierrepontD1088585503   1088
13Southwell A18561183673    13Mansfield HarriersB1097524573   1097
14Worksop HarriersA19299171012    14Beeston ACB1201485716   1201
15Mansfield HarriersB235610881268    15Southwell R CB1223605618   1223
16Erewash ValleyA248012081272    16Holme PierrepontE1300683617   1300
17Beeston ACB255812581300    17Redhill R RB1304633671   1304
18Kimberley StridersB262713011326    18NotfastA1362513849   1362
19Redhill R R B281812151603    19Newark StridersB1380639741   1380
          20Sutton HarriersA1468562906   1468
          21Long Eaton RCB1486786700   1486
          22Holme PierrepontF1684953731   1684
          23Erewash ValleyB17001063637   1700
          24Redhill R RC1835978857   1835
          25Worksop HarriersB19281095833   1928
          26Newark StridersC20211041980   2021
          27Holme PierrepontG20791128951   2079
          28NotfastB227511251150   2275
Senior Womens Teams Overall       Vet Womens Teams Overall       
 Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017  Club Points25/04/201816/05/201813/06/201811/07/201801/08/2017 
1Notts A CA391722    1Notts A CA432023   43
2Holme PierrepontA1106149    2Holme PierrepontA844737   84
3Sutton HarriersA1546391    3Erewash ValleyA1194574   119
4Holme PierrepontB214112102    4Holme PierrepontB1719279   171
5Beeston A CA241102139    5Beeston ACA19411678   194
6Notts A CB305189116    6Redhill R RA19996103   199
7Redhill R RA350231119    7SouthwellA246144102   246
8Kimberley StridersA393201192    8Holme PierrepontC301161140   301
9Lomg Eaton RCA41795322    9Worksop HarriersA331168163   331
10Formula OneA464236228    10Notts A CB340138202   340
11Holme PierrepontC467231236    11Redhill R RB393152241   393
12Retford A CA471142329    12Erewash ValleyB399200199   399
13Worksop HarriersA503269234    13Newark StridersA411196215   411
14Mansfield HarriersA591217374    14Sutton HarriersA462195267   462
15Holme PierrepontD601260341    15Mansfield HarriersA485179306   485
16Kimberley StridersB670347323    16Holme PierrepontD567300267   567
17Newark StridersA731384347    17Beeston ACB619338281   619
18Kimberley StridersC858421437    18Erewash ValleyC719353366   719
19Kimberley StridersD1124608516    19Newark StridersB740382358   740
          20Worksop HarriersB760410350   760
          21Mansfield HarriersB803380423   803
          22Holme PierrepontE822384438   822
          23Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA848429419   848
          24Newark StridersC872472400   872
          25Newark StridersD1004563441   1004
          26Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersB1062562500   1062
          27Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersC1121599522   1121


Event date: 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 9:30am