Summer League R1 Hexgreave

The Summer season is here and we had a squad of 30 runners out at Hexgreave. The conditions weren’t ideal with the preceding weeks heavy rain taking its toll on some of the course, but managed to stay dry on the night. Thank you to all that came out to play and congratulations on some fine performances. The Ladies Vets team take the Headline with a 2nd place finish 2 points ahead of HP (out of 42 teams). Looks like its going to be a fun bun fight on the podium.

Its a league over 5 races but each fixture has its own on the day league = we're always racing for something as a team or individually. R2 is at Newark 16/05/18 (Flowserve Sports Club Balderton NG24 3BU)

Full Spreadsheet

Team Scores

Senior Mens Teams




Vet Mens Teams




Senior Womens Teams




Vet Womens Teams

 Club Points  Club Points  Club Points  Club Points
1Holme PierrepontA124 1Redhill R RA152 1Notts A CA17 1Notts A CA20
2Rushcliffe ACA169 2Mansfield HarriersA161 2Holme PierrepontA61 2Erewash ValleyA45
3Notts A CA172 3Beeston ACA195 3Sutton HarriersA63 3Holme PierrepontA47
4Long Eaton R CA258 4Holme PierrepontA195 4Lomg Eaton RCA95 4Holme PierrepontB92
5Sutton HarriersA262 5Southwell R CA230 5Beeston A CA102 5Redhill R RA96
6Mansfield HarriersA300 6Newark StridersA250 6Holme PierrepontB112 6Beeston ACA116
7Beeston ACA424 7Worksop HarriersA263 7Retford A CA142 7Notts A CB138
8Retford ACA465 8Holme PierrepontB307 8Notts A CB189 8SouthwellA144
9Redhill R R A537 9Erewash ValleyA405 9Rushcliffe ACA198 9Redhill R RB152
10Kimberley StridersA618 10Long Eaton RCA414 10Kimberley StridersA201 10Holme PierrepontC161
11Holme PierrepontB648 11Beeston ACB485 11Mansfield HarriersA217 11Worksop HarriersA168
12Formula OneA771 12Holme PierrepontC504 12Holme PierrepontC231 12Mansfield HarriersA179
13Worksop HarriersA917 13NotfastA513 13Redhill R RA231 13Sutton HarriersA195
14Newark ACA994 14Mansfield HarriersB524 14Formula OneA236 14Newark StridersA196
15Rushcliffe ACB994 15Sutton HarriersA562 15Holme PierrepontD260 15Erewash ValleyB200
16Mansfield HarriersB1088 16Holme PierrepontD585 16Worksop HarriersA269 16NotfastA295
17Southwell A1183 17Southwell R CB605 17Holme PierrepontE313 17Holme PierrepontD300
18Erewash ValleyA1208 18Redhill R RB633 18Kimberley StridersB347 18Beeston ACB338
19Redhill R R B1215 19Newark StridersB639 19Newark StridersA384 19Long Eaton RCA352
20Beeston ACB1258 20Holme PierrepontE683 20Notts Women RunnersA393 20Erewash ValleyC353
21Kimberley StridersB1301 21Beeston ACC689 21Holme PierrepontF407 21Mansfield HarriersB380
22Kimberley StridersC1592 22Long Eaton RCB786 22NotfastA417 22Newark StridersB382
23Worksop HarriersB1682 23Sutton HarriersB868 23Kimberley StridersC421 23Holme PierrepontE384
24Redhill R R C1730 24Holme PierrepontF953 24Witham RunnersA444 24Worksop HarriersB410
     25Redhill R RC978 25Worksop HarriersB519 25Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersA429
     26Long Eaton RCC1001 26Notts Women RunnersB532 26NotfastB444
     27Newark StridersC1041 27Erewash ValleyA538 27Mansfield HarriersC467
     28Beeston ACD1051 28Kimberley StridersD608 28Newark StridersC472
     29Erewash ValleyB1063      29NotfastC494
     30Worksop HarriersB1095      30Redhill R RC494
     31NotfastB1024      31NotfastD537
     32Holme PierrepontG1128      32NotfastE554
     33Newark StridersD1197      33NotfastF558
     34NotfastD1209      34Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersB562
     35NotfastC1132      35Newark StridersD563
     36Redhill R RD1276      36NotfastG599
     37Woodthorpe Huffers and PuffersA1292      37Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersC599
     38NotfastE1337      38Notfast625
               39Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersD627
               41Woodthorpe Huffers & PuffersE663


EVRC individual

37MattyBrennanErewash Valley Running Club35-4431.31
96CraigTrembirthErewash Valley Running Club35-4434.36
102PhilShearingErewash Valley Running Club35-4434.57
7(3FV35)JamieWhittakerErewash Valley Running Club35-4434.57
9 (2FV45)HelenStoutErewash Valley Running Club45-5435.20
170SteveWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6437.45
171IanMacNameeErewash Valley Running Club45-5437.46
29MelanieBrennanErewash Valley Running Club35-4438.36
195RichardKerryErewash Valley Running ClubSen M39.09
200JulianBrealeyErewash Valley Running Club45-5439.27
201RichardHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club45-5439.30
218PeterStarrErewash Valley Running ClubSen M40.46
223PatrickNoonanErewash Valley Running ClubSen M40.58
234PaulBoothroydErewash Valley Running Club55-6441.22
59RachelLeeErewash Valley Running Club35-4441.30
242ColinLewisErewash Valley Running Club55-6441.48
68SarahHalfordErewash Valley Running Club45-5442.02
73FrancesWadelinErewash Valley Running Club35-4442.58
82RachelHustwayteErewash Valley Running Club35-4443.34
289RobertBrowneErewash Valley Running Club55-6445.36
298DennisParkerErewash Valley Running Club55-6446.50
132CarolineWickhamErewash Valley Running Club55-6448.42
318NeilRobertsErewash Valley Running Club45-5449.39
139NicolaPhotiouErewash Valley Running Club35-4449.40
328KevinRoughtonErewash Valley Running Club45-5452.45
168AmieBatchelor-WatkinsErewash Valley Running Club35-4453.00
175HelenLowe-GearyErewash Valley Running Club45-5453.36
195KarenHodgsonErewash Valley Running Club45-5457.20
199LeesaRullErewash Valley Running Club45-5457.55
338JohnWadelinErewash Valley Running Club35-4460.31


Event date: 
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 12:00pm