Starlight Trails Relay

A relay race series (3 races) in the dark and mud... We had a ladies team out for 2 of the races where they bagged 3rd place overall.

"The Starlight Trails are an exciting new series of off-road relay races, with a twist. They will be in the dark, with runners using head-torches to illuminate their way on the trails. 

At each event teams will run 4 legs, but the courses will get longer and tougher as the series progresses.

The routes will be entirely off-road and use a variety of terrain, including hard-packed paths, woodland trails and grass. They will be well markedand have marshals at key points"

3. Female Team overall and on the night

On the night scores

Catherin Eden 00:28:58

Nicola Photiou 00:34:24

Daniella Wood 00:30:38

Lauren Bjorn 00:26:33


Event date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 2:15pm