Reykjavik Marathon (1/2 & 10k) 19/08/17

EVRC goes to Iceland...again. Saturday August 19th 2017 we're off to Iceland for the Reykjavik races and the culture night . Its an open invite to all in EVRC land (family, friends but no pets..they have weird diets in iceland they may pickle your pet and scoff it). This will be the 3rd visit in 4years for some of us because we all love puffins and rotting fish snacks. Its also a fantastically quirky, fun and well organised race. The post race party is something to behold as the entire city goes a little bit bat sh!t crazy. As a bonus Iceland itself is a simply stunning place to hang out and go for a run. The usual EVRC itinerary is pretty loose and consists of meet up on friday for the expo then a pre race italian and a small quantity of beverages. Saturday we race then have a few* drinks as we hit up the culture night which takes over the city. Sunday we'll go for a recovery run/spa/curry/beer. For those of us on a long wk end here's the plan Flights :Outbound Fri 18/08. easy jet Luton 06:30. Return Mon 21/08 easyjet 08:40 Hotel: Hotel Leifur Eriksson.