Reykjavik 10k

EVRC returned to Reykjavik for the 10k and half marathon. The Friday pre-race day greeted us with a howling wind and a sense of its gonna be tough day in the racing office only for it to magically clear and give us glorious sunshine and near perfect running conditions for race day. 


There was even more sunshine and continued perfect conditions for the race recovery Reykajavik festival and Sunday 40th birthday celebrations. We learnt that rotten fetid shark tastes and smells exactly as expected (think licking the rim of Stapleford mens toilets), habanero chillies are too hot for John (nearly died), made Pete cry and Tom found them slightly spicy.

Bjork was spotted by Fran on our Sunday recovery runs to the Lighthouse

and Geothermal beach..the thermal part was missing from the water however Pete stepped up and represented EVRC by taking a dip regardless.

The Race; despite a few hangovers and pizza bellies it all went reasonably well with EVRC coming 2nd in the 10k team event.


6. John Wadelin 00:34:08

34. Pete Watson 00:38:59

535. Dani Watson 00:48:54

582. Fran Wadelin 00:49:17

703. Rachel Hustwayte 00:50:34


9. Tom Stokes 01:18:45

344. Richard Hustwayte 01:42:05


Bye Bye Iceland back in 10years.


Event date: 
Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 8:45am