Record FARTS for beginners

Catch up

The cross country season concluded with the final East Mids fixture in typically soggy conditions at Trent Meadows. The slurry was particularly ripe this year and a valuable lesson was learnt in regards to waterproof socks; they’re excellent at keeping water out and in. Despite a valiant effort by all involved we couldn’t quite get enough people across the line at all the fixtures to grab a team win. Next season. Final scores can be found here. Individually Jamie had an amazing debut season in the North Mids with an 8th overall and a 2nd FV35 so we’ll ride on the back of her success and call it an excellent XC season. Thanks to all that ran, marshalled, cheered, cleaned sewage off the kit, put the tent down, made cakes and very importantly organised the races and leagues.

The Fell Season kicked off under beautiful blue skies at Hope Winter. We had a very promising turnout of double figures, with a 40% wrong turn rate. There are 6 fixtures now remaining (you need to do 4 to count in the champs) so put them in your diary . They’re all Peak District and user friendly. Navigation skills will very rarely actually be required on the selected races. All our selected champs races are partially or fully flagged/marshalled. However there are plenty of people at the club that will be happy to run through the basics of non-google map nav and fell survival. It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever get to explore the Fell goat world with lots of other EVRC friends. We’re having a big push this season to get out there and explore = lots of car sharing, cake sharing, cider sharing, kit sharing and a big trophy up for grabs. NEXT FIXTURE IS WOLFS PIT SUNDAY 18TH MARCH. Entry on the day.

The EVRCb Couch to 5k (  and beyond is starting up again April 4th and finishing 9th June at Long Eaton parkrun. We’re currently scared of nobody coming (though this could change to fear of too many people coming depending on mood). If you know anybody that’s been thinking of starting running or re-starting running please encourage (drag, bribe etc) them to come along. We’ve printed off loads of leaflets to post through peoples doors/handout, please grab some to do the needful. It’s free and we know our running stuff, so an excellent chance to get into running and all the benefits of being integrated within the club afterwards. The couch to 5k targets absolute beginners so is genuinely suitable to any level of fitness. If you can help out on any of the Wednesdays’ it’ll be much appreciated (loads of you have already so should be covered but more the merrier).

EVRCb 5k – 10k (June onwards) . After completion of the 5k we’re dreaming of recruiting everybody to EVRC and having a slightly structured group and plan to build to a 10k (and all the EVRC champs and leagues along the way).We’ll be targeting the 4m Run by EVRC in July and then Shelton 10k in Oct.

We’ve had the age group records falling already this season. Stuart has been at work on the MV70’s with a 20mile record at Milton Keynes. Tom also took a 20m record by resetting the MV40 20mile record at Knighton. George and Anne have been setting the 5k records every week. The marathon records for MV70 (Stuart) MV75 (George) , FV65 (Sue) and FV70 (Anne) were all took at Belvoir..which means they’re ripe for the resetting when a marathon is run not in knee deep mud with tea and cake stops. 

Coming up in March

18th March: EVRC Fell Champs Round2: Wolfspit (Shatton, Hope Valley. Think thats near crapville by goatsnatch edge) . 5.9miles, there’s a hill involved and its also the Notts County Champs. It’s a popular one so a good one to either make your debut, collect experience or be competitive and chase the medals. Absolutely any fell questions feel free to ask at the club, reply to this mail or leave a small note in a bag of nuts behind the bar and hope that serendipity brings you the answer.

18th March: Ashby 20. Popular one in the club so if you’re not running in the Ashby race or Wolfspit feel free to go run in Ashby as support…it’s a 2 lap affair and there’s a pub at mile 10 ish (start/finish line).

28th March Wednesday 19:00 (club-night). Tame the FART Half. 13.1 (and a bit) miles. The clocks have moved and we’ll be bathed in Spring sunshine so lets ‘race’ the FARTS. It’s the traditional festive FARTS route but in the sunshine. For the newer people; FARTS is 13.1-13.5 mile run across the fields (distance depends on directional sense) to Stanley and back. Its usually a Christmas affair (and will continue to be so), but it’s a really nice route and a shame not to run it in the sunshine. We’ll set off at 19:00 as normal from the clubhouse and FART as fast we can. Route maps and GPX files can be found here GPX . Strava map. You’ll need trail shoes and a headtorch (for skipping through daffodils and illuminating bunny rabbits, not because it’ll be dark and muddy). Probably best to take your phone as well. We’ll try and have “pace makers/ route guides” on the night. We’ll be counting it as ½ marathon on the champs tables though it’ll be a slow 1 (as long as the route can be validated on your watch via your GPS tracks).


See you later -John w