Pairs championship

The Pairs championship is a 4 race series over the summer held on our normal Wednesday club nights. There will be 3 Pairs and 1 Handicap race. Your best 3 scores from the 4 races will be counted. The races are set up with built in handicap’s so anybody could win. The point of this? GLORY!!!!....and a big trophy.

Race to be run over the normal handicap course. HERE (6mile loop over our fields, the faster you are the further you'll run and the less the slower runner has to cover)
All entrants will be listed according to ability. (Fastest first – Slowest last)
Pairings will be decided as follows:-
Fastest runner paired with slowest runner, Second fastest runner paired with second slowest runner and so on.
All runners will set off at the same time.  The faster runner in each pairing will run in the normal direction (anti clockwise) and carry a baton.
The slower runner in each pairing will run in the opposite direction (clockwise).
When pairs meet up the baton must be passed to the slower runner. Both runners then turn round and run back the way they came.
The first complete team (not necessarily together!!) to cross the finishing line will win that night’s race.

Handicap at The Navigation (Navigation Inn, Risley Lane, Derby DE72 3BP.)

Its a race where anybody could win. The faster you are the bigger the handicap you'll receive (time handicap, not something more sinister). Best performance on the night will take the points

Points will be awarded for each element like this:-
Assuming there are 24 competitors in the first race then the winner will receive 24 points, second 24 and so on down to 1.

The first team back will receive a point for each team they beat so in this example 24 people = 12 teams, therefore the winning team receive 12 points, the second team will receive 11 points etc.

When all 4 elements are complete the Champion will be the person accumulating the most points.


09/05/2018PAIRS Round1Club House
18/07/2018MysteryNavigation Inn, Breaston. (somewhere mysterious)
15/08/2018PAIRS Round2Club House
05/09/2018HandicapNavigation Inn, Breaston. (the 'Run' Route)

Overall Standings 

Champs Points awarded calculated by: Your Score from the race / Max score possible in that race x100  = Champs score. Best 3 Champs scores will be summned for Total Champs score
Max Score33    
 Pairs R1Mystery. 18th JulyPairs R2. 15th AugHandicap 5th SeptTotal
NameRace ScoreChamps ScoreRace ScoreChamps ScoreRace ScoreChamps ScoreRace ScoreChamps ScoreTotal Champs
Caroline Wickham3296.97      96.97
Maurice3296.97      96.97
Matty Brennan3193.94      93.94
John Wadelin2987.88      87.88
Rachel Lee2781.82      81.82
Paul Boothroyd2678.79      78.79
richard kerry2369.70      69.70
Lisa Rull2266.67      66.67
Amie Batchelor-Watkins2163.64      63.64
Jane Harris2163.64      63.64
Patrick Noonan1854.55      54.55
stephanie kern1751.52      51.52
Tom Stokes1442.42      42.42
Nicola Photiou1339.39      39.39
Bob Browne1339.39      39.39
Gary Newham1236.36      36.36
Julian Brealey927.27      27.27
Les Witten824.24      24.24
Catherine Eden618.18      18.18
sarah halford618.18      18.18
Neil Roberts39.09      9.09
Xavi Allueva26.06      6.06













Individual On The Night Results   Team Scores     
NameTimeScore  Runner1 Runner 2 Team TimeTeam Score
Maurice00:52:3322  Caroline Wickham00:52:37Matty Brennan00:53:3001:46:0711
Caroline Wickham00:52:3721  Maurice00:52:33John Wadelin00:54:2901:47:0210
Matty Brennan00:53:3020  Rachel Lee00:54:39Paul Boothroyd00:54:4001:49:199
John Wadelin00:54:2919  richard kerry00:55:02Amie Batchelor-Watkins00:55:5501:50:578
Rachel Lee00:54:3918  Jane Harris00:55:15Patrick Noonan00:56:1601:51:317
Paul Boothroyd00:54:4017  Lisa Rull00:54:50Tom Stokes00:57:0201:51:526
Lisa Rull00:54:5016  stephanie kern00:55:59Gary Newham00:57:0401:53:035
Richard Kerry00:55:0215  Nicola Photiou00:56:51Julian Brealey00:57:5301:54:444
Jane Harris00:55:1514  Bob Browne00:56:43Catherine Eden00:58:3001:55:133
Amie Batchelor-Watkins00:55:5513  Les Witten00:57:30sarah halford00:58:0301:55:332
Stephanie Kern00:55:5912  Neil Roberts00:58:31Xavi Allueva01:05:2202:03:531
Patrick Noonan00:56:1611        
Bob Browne00:56:4310        
Nicola Photiou00:56:519        
Tom Stokes00:57:028        
Gary Newham00:57:047        
Les Witten00:57:306        
Julian Brealey00:57:535        
Sarah Halford00:58:034        
Catherine Eden00:58:303        
Neil Roberts00:58:312        
Xavi Allueva01:05:221        






 Roll of honour - previous winners



2017Paul Boothroyd
2016Tom Stokes


Sue Baker

2014Paul Boothroyd


John Wadelin


John Wadelin


Matty Brennan


Kevin Roughton/Neil Weightman


Jeff Gifford


Melanie Brennan