Pairs 2017..You've got this.

Wednesday, 03/05/17, 19:00, Club House.

Pairs Challenge Round 1 game on.

Will Tom defend his crown or will the pressure weaken his legs? Can George go 1 better than last year and take the trophy? Maybe it’s time for Anne to stop being the kingmaker and become the queen. Or perhaps Stuart can translate his record breaking 5k form into pairs route glory? There’s the dangerous mid-pack which is where the smart money will go this year. Its where seconds will seperate you from everlasting glory or cursing the nettle stings and poor cow whispering technique. Maybe, just maybe the dark horses will be the Maurice and John pairing if they roll back the years they could seize the crown. Then of course we have the unknown pairs virgins….will they get lost or scared off by the cows...or hurtle up hixons like it’s a gentle bump and skip off with the trophy?

Its the most wide open its ever been, but can you show up and take the crown? *

This is how it works. Just pop along to the club as normal (though a few mins early will help us sort the pairings) and....


It's the first Pairs Race next Wednesday (3 May) setting off at 7pm from the club house. For those in the know it will be usual rules apply, for new members it works like this:

1. You get paired up with another runner (we pair up the slowest runner with the fastest and work towards the middle); the faster runners go one way and the slower the other.
2. When you meet in the middle, hand over a baton and turn around and go back the way you have just come from.
3. Points are awa
rded to the first people back to the club as well as the first pair.

Easy! It might be worth asking nicely to be shown the way this Wednesday (*last wednesday..but its a really easy route..just follow the right person) and we’ll bring along a couple of printed maps too.



p.s bonus ERIC points for wearing your EVRC vest.

See you tomorrow for a pairs smack down - John W 

*There are no favourites but we’ll be taking bets..sweepstake opens on Wednesday post race and closes before round 2, £1 in, name the overall top3, winner is who gets all 3 right + the tie breaker of the winning points tally, winner takes the full pot.