The Old County Tops 2017


A fell running and ultra classic taking in some of the biggest peaks the Lakes have to offer. Couple of EVRC team were out in some pretty damp conditions this year.

PositionTeam NamesTeam ClubCategoryHelvellynWythburnAngle TarnScafellCockley BeckConiston3 Shires StoneFinish
  Number  Time PosTime PosTime PosTime PosTime PosTime PosTime Pos 
35Matty Brennan19Erewash Valley RCmens02:06:005002:26:004304:15:003505:09:003306:31:003407:58:003508:43:003509:27:02
 Simon Lowther Unattached 02:06:00 00:20:00 01:49:00 00:54:00 01:22:00 01:27:00 00:45:00 00:44:02
45Neil Weightman77Erewash Valleymens02:10:005902:32:005504:29:005305:27:004706:45:004408:15:004509:02:004509:44:25
 Philip Thompson Erewash Valley 02:10:00 00:22:00 01:57:00 00:58:00 01:18:00 01:30:00 00:47:00 00:42:25

"The Old County Tops Fell Race covers 37 miles and involves around 10,000 feet of ascent.

The exact distance and amount of ascent are dependant on the route you choose!

The Race starts in Great Langdale and takes in the tops of HelvellynScafell Pike and Coniston before returning to Great Langdale, after which the competitors are fed and watered"

Event date: 
Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 10:30am