Nothingtodowith EVRC Beermile 2019

There were some good conditions on the track for Beer Mile 5. This year saw Pete take the hatrick of beer mile wins with a PB and a very impressive overall club record. There were also a big PB for Fran taking her up to 2nd on the V40 list just 7 secs off the top spot. Part 2 of the Nothing to do with series is the CYC in July...can Pete do it again?!

Pete Watson00:00:1700:01:1900:00:3300:01:1700:00:4300:01:3000:00:4000:01:190:07:38
John Wadelin00:00:2000:01:2900:01:0200:01:3000:01:0900:01:3300:01:2500:01:220:09:50
Fran Wadelin00:00:3000:01:4500:00:4200:01:5200:00:5100:01:5100:00:4700:01:330:09:51
Rachel Lee00:00:3600:01:4400:00:4600:01:5300:00:5000:01:5500:00:4200:01:360:10:02
Bob Browne00:00:2100:01:5100:00:5400:02:0500:00:4600:02:0100:00:5100:02:030:10:52
Richard Hustwayte00:00:4000:01:4100:01:0900:01:5100:01:3100:01:5600:02:2400:01:400:12:52


Event date: 
Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 12:45pm