North Midlands XC R2 Kettering

The biggest team we've ever took to Kettering and it reflected rather well in our results. The Vets Men came 2nd on the day which takes them to 3rd in the series, just 15 points off 2nd and 91 points off 1st...which in XC is in veterans XC where teams members are grinding to a halt every the day it is nothing. The Ladies are in 5th just 7 points off Beeston in 4th. The full scores can be found on the North Mids XC page here
The next round is Shipley Park 1st Dec followed by the EVRC night out in Derby. We're in range of moving up a position but its also just as likely we completely drop out of the league unless we get that big turnout again.


   Vet men   
 Overall Position race  1race 2race 3race 4
1Redhill a538243295  
3Erewash Valley629305324  
4Southwell R C718348370  
5North Derbyshire RC870402468  
7Rolls Royce902425477  
9Nene Valley951562389  
10H P P1006388618  
12Grantham R C1051607444  


36JohnWadelinv40Erewash Valley35.30
74MattyBrennansErewash Valley37.41
132PhilThompsonsErewash Valley41.45
142AndyWatsonv45Erewash Valley42.40
146PhilShearingv40Erewash Valley42.48
196ColinLewisv60Erewash Valley46.47
197JulienBrierleyv45Erewash Valley46.50
200RichardKerrysErewash Valley46.58
224NeilRobertsv50Erewash Valley59.46
227KevinRoughtonv45Erewash Valley65.29



 Vet Women     
 Overall Position race  1race 2race 3race 4
1Derby AC1014853  
2Notts AC18410480  
3H P P a214101113  
4Beeston A C288137151  
6Southwell RC547279268  
7H P P b550324226  
8Grantham RC649343306  


25JamieWhitakerv35Erewash Valley RC25.35
59HelenStoutv45Erewash Valley RC28.50
74RachelLeev35Erewash Valley RC29.50
86SarahHolfordv45Erewash Valley RC31.18
93FranWadelinv40Erewash Valley RC32.00
122NicolaPhotiouv40Erewash Valley RC36.40


Event date: 
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 9:00am