I’m dreaming of a discounted XC FARTS fuddle Christmas…


Sportshoes.com have offered EVRC members 10% off and free delivery on all orders. The offer is through a discount code which changes each month. We’re not allowed to publish the code and it’s for members only so don’t go sharing elsewhere or they’ll stop sending us the discount code. We’ll pass the voucher code out at club night.

The London marathon draw will be happening on Fuddle night (20/12). The full rules are listed at the bottom of this mail (note the rule about having to have run league races..theres a XC on Saturday). We also have club places for the Brighton Marathon (2018 is sold out already). If you wish to enter Brighton let Shirley know (or any of the committee on a Wednesday night). It’s the Brighton standard race entry fee (£69).

For those that missed the AGM we had a few changes. The highlights were: We had a mud wrestle for the position of chairperson. Nicola smashed Gary and is now our chairperson. The Richard IT website position is now with Richard aided by other Richard. Phil stepped down as treasurer and Rachel stepped up. She has refused to fund the EVRC Bat-Light. With Rachel moving to follow the money, Mel has moved into the position of Ladies captain and is looking forward to Ladies hill rep sessions on kamikaze at 6 AM every Sunday. Full details of the committee will appear on the website post 1st meeting i.e after we’ve finalised everybody’s positions http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/our-committee.

A short but very sincere thankyou to all that have stepped down from the committee. They’ve all done a fantastic job in their tenure and we’re in a very healthy position because of all the work that goes on in the background. Phil has done an amazing and long term job looking after our finances and supporting EVRC in general. He’s been a fixture in EVRC land for many years and its been a better place for his presence (he’s still around in EVRC land as the new President). I still hate fell running though, sorry Phil, I hate it. Another large thankyou to Gary for his steering of the club for the past few years, leaving us with ..well just leaving us in a really really good place. He now has more time to concentrate on training. Welcome to the new committee members, don’t forget the tradition of bringing cake to your first meeting.

A few new dates have popped up since the last get it in your diary update, so below is a revised list of things to do.

Saturday 2nd December . North Mids Cross Country. R3. 13:25 Ladies. 13:55 Gents.

There’s lots of reasons to do XC one of them is you need 2 North Mids XC races to qualify for the EVRC champs and there’s only 2 North Mids left (including this 1) http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/cross-country-championship-201718 . Little known fact; Santa is a cross country fan..run cross country = get on his good list.

Thursday 7th December . Lads v Ladies night. Sherwin at 18:45 for beer, darts and nuts (lads!). Wollaton 18:45 for lambrini and hors d'oeuvre (girls).

Wednesday 13th December. FARTS and POOPs a previous explanation is here  http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/johns-jottings-9th-dec-2014 . Stuart has delegated Fast FARTS navigation to me (john w) this year.  I have absolutely no idea where I’m going. Its going to be awesome. Be prepared for 10-12 miles of hard off road. Don’t worry I’m doing a recce and my watch has a return to home feature. This is pending confirmation so check on Wednesday and/or website + facebook group.

18:00 if you like ‘slow n steady’ FARTS. FART leader TBC

18:30 if you like ‘Fast n hard’ FARTS. FART leader John W

19:00 for POOPS or normal club run. POOP leader TBC

21:00 First search party gets sent out. Search leader Maya the dog.

Friday 15th December. EVRC Christmas Craft Ale and Cocktail Trail.  18:30 Pub1: Sir John Borlase Warren, Canning Circus, Nottingham. http://www.sirjohnborlasewarren.co.uk/ There will then be several pub meeting times so people can join us through the evening.

Wednesday 20th December. Christmas lights run and fuddle. 4-5 mile run up and around the Springfields estate hunting for Christmas lights in fancy dress (for clarity Christmas fancy dress/hats is preferred but if you wish to dress like a bowl of grapes, that is fine, odd, but fine). We then have a big fuddle. The fuddle list will start circulating next week, keep an eye out.

Thursday 28th December. The EVRC Christmas relays. Notts AC aren’t putting the relays on this year, so we’re having our own.  The finer details are to be finalised, but the general concept is: mixed teams of 3 or 4 (senior, vet, male, female). Teams will be randomly drawn, possibly with seeding depending on who’s out to play. Let us know on FB or on a club night if you’re coming to play as it’ll help organisation. Each leg will be 2miles following the old Notts AC relays route.

Sunday 31st December. 10:00. The EVRC Dream Mile. Its back. Lets close the year down with a bunch of 1mile PB’s and records. We’ll be on our traditional not for public use track and all times will be classed as PB’s and records. Its also good training for the beer mile on the 7th.

London Marathon Criteria.

1.Member must be in 2nd year of membership (Greater than 12months since joining)

2.Membership must be active on the night of the draw (paid).

3.Member must have submitted their London entry rejection notification* into the draw on or before draw night (*rejection email, confirmation of ballot entry, anything that shows you entered the London Ballot for 2018 and have not gone all grabby and fancy snaffling the entry because its there will suffice)

4.Member must be a first claim runner to Erewash Valley.

5.Member must have taken part in at least 5 qualifying events representing Erewash Valley Running Club during 2017.Not all have to be running events as long as they are supporting the Club. Qualifying races are: East Midlands Cross Country Races, North Midlands Cross Country Races, The Run, Notts AAA’s Summer League Races and all fell running championship races. Marshalling or collecting results at any of these races counts as well as running.

6.Winners will not be eligible to enter the draw again for 5 years. However, if the Club entry allocation is not taken, then it will be open to all members with London Marathon rejection notifications* providing they meet the other criteria points.

Cheers. John W

ps i need volunteers for FART and POOP guides. Let me know.