Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix 4m Rushcliffe

The HP Grandprix has been a long running 4 race series with long running EVRC history (we’re big fans). Its 4 individual races and a 4 race league. The sum of the 4 times determines your’s and your teams standing in the league. We’ve had lots of individual and team successes over the years and its looking good to continue…


Jamie was 1st Lady and Helen 3rd with Rachel being 3rd counter in the womens team. This puts EVRC ladies 2nd in the team standings.

Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix 4m Rushcliffe.


33. (1F) Jamie Whittaker 00:25:58

41. (3F, 1FV45) Helen Stout 00:26:38

93. Richard Kerry 00:29:07

164. Peter starr 00:31:23

168. Brian Goodall 00:31:34

198. Rachel Hustwayte 00:32:17

304. Nicola Photiou 00:37:09

363. Karen Hodgson 00:42:44

375. Lisa Rull 00:44:22


Event date: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 9:15am