Hairy Helmet Relays

There was sunshine, beers and wins! Great turnout for a great event. Well done all.

PosRace NoFavNameTimeCategoryCat PosTODLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
3158  EVRC - Blood sweat and beers00:45:12male-vets-total-age-over-160120:00:1300:11:4600:11:4100:10:4000:11:04
31157  EVRC - A Hoppy Ending00:51:19mixed-open320:06:2000:12:2800:11:5100:13:5300:13:05
66156  EVRC - The Good Firkins00:56:16mixed-vets-total-age-over-160420:11:1700:15:3800:12:1300:12:5700:15:26
130155  EVRC - Vinegar or Vintage01:03:43male-vets-total-age-over-1603120:18:4400:18:1400:14:5100:15:5800:14:38
160159  EVRC - The Malibubies01:07:15female-open1020:22:1600:15:1800:18:5200:17:0800:15:55



NameTimeGroupTeam Name
Lauren Bjorn15:18Female OpenEVRC - The Malibubies
Nicola Photiou18:52Female OpenEVRC - The Malibubies
Helen Fensome17:08Female OpenEVRC - The Malibubies
Rachel Hustwayte15:15Female OpenEVRC - The Malibubies
Andrew Watson11:46Male VetsEVRC - Blood sweat and beers
Matty Brennan11:41Male VetsEVRC - Blood sweat and beers
John Wadelin10:40Male VetsEVRC - Blood sweat and beers
Tom Stokes11:04Male VetsEVRC - Blood sweat and beers
Philip Shearing12:28Mixed OpenEVRC - A Hoppy Ending
Philip Thompson11:51Mixed OpenEVRC - A Hoppy Ending
Melanie Brennan13:53Mixed OpenEVRC - A Hoppy Ending
Jamie Whittaker13:05Mixed OpenEVRC - A Hoppy Ending
Catherine Eden15:38Mixed VetsEVRC - The Good Firkins
Craig Trembirth12:13Mixed VetsEVRC - The Good Firkins
Gary Newham12:57Mixed VetsEVRC - The Good Firkins
Frances Wadelin15:26Mixed VetsEVRC - The Good Firkins
Kevin Roughton18:14Male VetsEVRC - Vinegar or Vintage
Julian Brealey14:51Male VetsEVRC - Vinegar or Vintage
Bob Browne15:58Male VetsEVRC - Vinegar or Vintage
Richard Hustwayte14:38Male VetsEVRC - Vinegar or Vintage


Event date: 
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 3:30pm