Hairy Helmet Relay 2018

We had sunshine, beer, cider, cake and large burgers. Yes it was the Hairy Helmet relays. 4 people per team each leg is 2miles around Darley park and its much fun. They did make a rather large hash of the category results as they mixed everybodys team number up with the actual we have no idea how we did in the category’s but the overall positions and timings are right.


Overall Total1 2 3 4 
10 EVRC Salty00:46:22Andy Watson00:12:26Matty Brennan00:11:49John Wadelin00:11:12Tom Stokes00:10:54
37 EVRC Sour00:53:20Craig Trembirth00:13:02Melanie Brennan00:14:25Philip Shearing00:12:48Jamie Whittaker00:13:04
54 EVRC Bitter00:55:28Gary Newham00:13:04Richard Hustwayte00:14:15Colin Lewis00:14:20Richard Kerry00:13:48
130 EVRC Sweet01:04:06Frances Wadelin00:15:18Laura Hatswell00:16:06Liz Bridgen00:16:59Catherine Eden00:15:42
152 EVRC Leathery01:06:48Peter Starr00:14:39Bob Browne00:16:22Nicola Photiou00:17:21Neil Roberts00:18:25

Individual Order

Tom Stokes00:10:5400:11:04PB
John Wadelin00:11:1200:10:40 
Matty Brennan00:11:4900:11:30 
Andrew glen WATSON00:12:2600:11:46 
Philip Shearing00:12:4800:12:28 
Craig Trembirth00:13:0200:12:06 
Jamie WHITTAKER00:13:0400:13:05PB
Gary NEWHAM00:13:0400:12:36 
Richard Kerry00:13:48#N/A 
Richard Hustwayte00:14:1500:14:38PB
Colin LEWIS00:14:20#N/A 
Melanie Brennan00:14:2500:13:53 
peter starr00:14:39#N/A 
Frances WADELIN00:15:1800:15:26PB
Catherine Eden00:15:4200:15:38 
Laura HATSWELL00:16:06#N/A 
Bob Browne00:16:2200:15:58 
liz bridgen00:16:5900:16:18 
Nicola PHOTIOU00:17:2100:18:32PB
Neil ROBERTS00:18:25#N/A 

Event date: 
Friday, June 15, 2018 - 7:45am