FARTS, ARSE and POOPS all the way to the pub

A little EVRC FYI for this weeks funzies...

This Wednesday's club night (13/12) is a little different because it includes the annual FARTS night. A normal club night run is still on at 19:00 but if you’re up for a FART some ARSE or a POOP the full details are below. You will need off road shoes and a headtorch. With the recent weather we’re expecting the conditions to be difficult (sludge), so be sensible with your selection of route. Being out in mud, -5 and in the dark on an unfamiliar route for longer than 2hrs is not wise.

This Friday is our annual xmas night out (EVRC Cask Ale and Cocktails) and everybody is welcome. We’ll be Kicking off at 18:30 at the Sir John Borlase Warren, Canning Circus, Nottingham http://www.sirjohnborlasewarren.co.uk/ .Then we’ll be in the below pubs in the Canning circus area for a little while before moving further into town. Meeting times below. We’ll attempt to go garmin live tracking with the link on FB so you can locate the herd to within 10 feet.

18:30 Sir John Borlase Warren, Canning Circus, Nottingham. http://www.sirjohnborlasewarren.co.uk/

19:30 Organ Grinder, Canning Circus, Nottingham. http://bluemonkeybrewery.com/organ-grinder-nottingham/

20:30 Hand an Heart, Canning Circus, Nottingham. https://www.thehandandheart.co.uk/

21:30 The Round House, Castle Road, Nottingham https://www.roundhousenottingham.com/

Free style

Wednesday FARTS

18:30 FARTS

Distance: 13.5-14 mile. Expected time  about 2hrs

Suitable for:  Bog hoppers, Fell goats and whippets. Very Off road.

Description: A challenging off road route over to Stanley taking in such sights as the 3 fields of doom, Stanton Swamp, The Furnace Hounds of Hell, Stanley Sludge Pit, The Cowaggedon DMZ, The Fearful Forest of No Path, The Perilous Ploughed Pit and….the M1 bridge . There will be no treats, refreshments or frivolity.

Look for John.

18:30 ARSE

Distance: 10 mile. Expected time about 1:45-2hrs  

Suitable for: Fell Goats taking it easy and the development class bog hoppers.

Description: A new for 2017 off road route with limited mud and hills*.Takes in most of the FARTS highlights but skips round the bogs and hills allowing for a modicum of frivolity. This is FARTS but the accesible version.

Look for Stuart.

19:00: (Spooky) POOP

Distance: 6 mile. Expected time about 1:15-1:30hrs

Suitable for: Limited off road experience required, ideally you will need the gear and a vague idea (no head torch or grippy shoes = you’ll end up in a ditch somewhere).

Description: New for 2017 route along the Coffin path into the woods.  Very similar terrain to the PAIRS route but dark. It may have been tried before but nobody’s ever returned…

Look for Bob

19:00 Normal club run.




This is the Oscars of EVRC. We get together to celebrate everything EVRC from the previous year and announce our championship award winners. Its Trophy night! There’ll be food, wine, beer, xmas presie redistribution raffle (any unwanted goods, wrap them up and we’ll raffle them on the night) and a few little side competitions to keep us entertained as we build to the big shiny trophy announcements. Full details will come out in a few days, but for the moment just keep the 13th jan evening free in your diary. 

p.s The titles have not been decided yet and we still have a few weeks of the year left so keep going.

Road WAVA http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/wava-road-running-championship

Road Elite http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/elite-championship

Fell http: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/fell-running-championship

Cross Country: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/cross-country-championship-201718

PAIRS: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/pairs-championship

ERIC: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/erewash-running-incentive-championship

Tony Trembirth: http://www.evrc.co.uk/content/tony-trembirth-award-1

see you wednesday john w

*this is a quote from Stuart...