EVRC end of 2017 season prize and party night

Saturday January 13th , 19:00, Sandiacre Football Club (our clubhouse)

Tickets are £10 which includes food. Please either hop on the Facebook thread or see Sarah on a club night to book your place and pick your pie (Steak and Ale, Chicken and Mushroom or Veggie)

The Bake Off

In keeping with the end of 2017 season celebrations we’re having a Bake off competition (2017 was peak cake year). All entries are VERY gratefully accepted and will be appreciated by all. There will be vague categories and a best in show.

Bake Off Categories

Tray bakes - eg flap jack, brownies, biscuits
Cake cake - eg Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle
Puddings - eg trifle, cheesecake

Entries will be judged by appearance and just generally being edible. 3 Judges have been selected for their expertise in the cake arena and high moral standing in the community.

The Christmas Raffle

Every year we raffle off any of our unwanted Christmas gifts and odd things we’ve collected over the year. If you could bring any “prizes” with you on the night ideally wrapped in some kind of disguise and we’ll re-distribute them in the form of the raffle. All proceeds this year are going to our local Tree Tops Hospice.

The Food

Because we’re elite athletes we’ve opted for Pies. Pick you pie before the night please. Steak and Ale, Chicken and Mushroom or Veggie.

The Championship Awards

Road – Fastest in each age/gender group wins

Road WAVA – Handicap system based on age and gender. Podium payout.

Fell – Head to Head. Head – Head Ladies. Handicap points (based on your time vs the race winners time)

Cross Country – 2016-2017 season

ERIC – The EVRC run more, do more incentive league. The more races and things you do for EVRC the more points you score.

PAIRS Champs – The summer Champs with the Pairs races, handicap and mystery.

Tony Trembirth – The voted for by you award (vote for anybody you think has contributed to EVRC in a way that deserves some recognition) . If you haven’t submitted your vote please do so quickly on club-night.