Erewash Running Incentive Championship


E.R.I.C. is a trophy awarded annually to the person accumulating the most points. The purpose is to reward an EVRC member who has clocked up a combination of personal running achievements and positive contributions to the club e.g. racing in an EVRC shirt, setting new PB’s, organising a club night out, marshalling at an event, competing in the leagues or an internal EVRC championship event. People can earn points for anything, we just need to know about it. 

The competition will start and finish on 1st January each year.

E.R.I.C. will be presented to the winner at the Presentation/Buffet Evening.

The winner will hold the trophy for a year.

No points are awarded for races which clash with "your club needs you" races (e.g. leagues)

The Points

Miles Raced1 point per mile inc. decimals raced as EVRC1 per miledoes not count if race clashes with a league or EVRC champs race (- 5 point penalty applied)If the result is on the website its been included if not on the website its likely to have been missed so please flag it up
PBAGE OR OVERALL15Must be 2nd attempt at the distance e.g. a debut 5k will not score a PB . Includes fell route PB's if route can be validated. As per roads it needs to be a second attempt  . Road PB's are for statute distances (1m ,5k, 5m, 10k, 10m ,1/2, 20m, marathon). Ultras fall under Fell rules ie its course PB's not distance PB's.Road routes must pass the EVRC Dubious Course Panel . Fell routes need to pass Fell goat route check i.e. does it compare to previous races or has it changed enough to influence the time. Double points will be awarded for age and overall PB e.g if your V40 PB breaks your overall PB thats 15+15
Performance bonusStandard race1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 9, 4th 7, 5th 5Overall or Age/gender. Age Groups count as  per EVRC records (FV35 and up, MV40 and up), ie being 1st MSNR will not count.If you win overall and age/gender group you will receive win points for both e.g.  1st place and 1st V40 = 30points
 Parkrun . Dream mile. Beer mile. 1st 8 , 2nd 6, 3rd 4 Overall or Age/gender. Age Groups count as  per EVRC records (FV35 and up, MV40and up), ie being 1st MSNR will not count.For parkrun your age group must have 5+ people in it to count and only 1st place scores for age group
 Overall PAIRS champs and individual champs races1st 10 , 2nd 8, 3rd 6 ,4th 4In PAIRS it’s the 'Pairs' finishing position that scoresThere's a win bonus for each individual race and also the bonus for the final overall standings.
 Club records Road75 overall record, 50 age group For records: Road routes must pass the EVRC Dubious Course Panel . Multi terrain races are very unlikely to count unless they're clearly over distance. Point to point races wont count if they have an advantageous net drop in gradient
 Club Records Fell (inc. ultra, multi terrain)30 overall record, 15 age group, 5 for a vacant/new recordIf there are no times for that race 5 points will be awarded. If there are no times as the route was revised e.g because of conditions 0 points will be awarded (1 off routes cant be beaten so wont be recorded as a record)For Records: Fell routes need to pass the Fell Goat route check i.e. does it compare to previous races or has it changed enough to influence the time. Lower points than the road as the records are a lot thinner (there will be bonus's added up to the level of the road points if its a Billy Big B@ll@cks time).
 Dedication to EVRC Leagues & Champs40 points per completed series
Series are: Summer, EM XC , NM XC, Fell champs (4 Races, extra 30 points if you do all 7) PAIRS. Each series is 40 points, all fixtures in each series to be completed in a calendar yr not per season i.e. XC is all fixtures in 2018.
Being a marshal counts as "doing"
Taxi driving people to races2  
CakeCakes at races, cakes for club nights etc3 per person  
Organising Social eventClub nights out, Club away day runs, pub runs etc7  
Organising Challenges eventIf organiser unable to run in the event points awarded are matched to the max points available for running and winning event.   e.g. organising the PAIRS race = 10 + 10
Running in challenge eventsPairs series. Dream mile. Solstice & Winter FARTS.10Not an exhaustive list. A challenge event is a run put on by EVRC for EVRC 
Running in League (summer and XC) and Fell champsplus point per mile, plus win bonus10  
Marshalling max points available for that race (not inc performance bonus)  
Support Crewcoming along and supporting a race with EVRC people in it including being race photographer2Must put some cheering effort in 
Non running  events with  running involved Full Ironman 30 (15 for 1/2)  
  Olympic Triathlon 7.5 (3 for a sprint)  
  Duathlon 3  
  Obstacle 0.5 per mile  
Recruiting a new member 20  
Adhocabsolutely anything that helps EVRC be a better place or gets our name out in a positive way and isnt coveredBob Graham will score 70 plus any EVRC route record bonus. DNF gets nothing but disappointment  


Roll of honour - previous winners



2018Jamie Whittaker final table
2017Jamie Whittaker
2016Colin Lewis Final Table
2015Andy Watson
2014Andy Watson
2013John Wadelin


Kevin Roughton


Matty Brennan


Matty Brennan


Richard Hyde


Nigel Starr


Nick Lander


Nick Lander


Gez Mills


Sue Trembirth