Double or Quits

Circa 5mile* or 10mile* race depending on whether you pull up lame after 1 lap of the undulating Shipley Park.

 Colin picks up another win in his age group.

Gun pos
Chip pos
Cat pos
Gender pos
Name (first, last)
Age grp
Gun time
Chip time
Start delay
Pace (min/mile)
Pace (min/km)
Lap 1
L1 pos
Lap 2
L2 pos
Pos gain
3939135Colin LewisMale 6001:16:5201:16:4500:0607:4004:4637:27:003339:24:0039-6
9494424Sarah HalfordFemale 4001:26:4901:26:3700:1208:3905:2243:37:0010543:12:009411
134134745Daniella WoodFemale 4001:33:0501:32:5200:1309:1705:4646:42:0014546:22:0013411
1351351146Jane HarrisFemale 3501:33:2001:33:0800:1109:1805:4746:36:0014446:43:001359
22022023103Nicola PhotiouFemale 4001:46:2401:46:1200:1210:3706:3553:07:0022953:16:002209


* not an eligible PB course.

Event date: 
Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 9:00am