Cross Country, Skegvegas, falling records

Its Cross Country time (XC).

Google says;

  • Cross country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. Sometimes the runners are referred to as harriers (dogs)
  • The benefits are more than just physical. Mastering the skill to run over uneven terrain while being battered by the elements will stand runners in good stead come spring and summer. Cross-country also is a great way to see beautiful areas of the British countryside*, which can help break the monotony of a training regime and offers a sense of liberation that you won't find on the road or track
  • The benefits of cross-country are both mental and physical. The runner who is experienced in cross-country is more robust, more versatile and less likely to be thrown by a sudden change in the weather

EVRC says;

  • You get to compete as a team and individually (remember we have the EVRC XC Champs), the races are on unique courses offering their own “special” challenges, there’s cake, there’ll be a beer mile, lots of skin cleansing mud, oodles of high intensity training that you can’t replicate and more cake.
  • If we can medal in the Summer League........the Ladies and Gents should be competitive at the top if we commit.

We compete in 2 leagues the North Mids (4 races) and the East Mids (5 races). We also have our own internal EVRC Champs using races from the 2 leagues to score. All the race fees are covered by your EVRC membership, its just a case of wearing the team kit and running.

East Midlands.

This is the local and our favored league with most of the clubs that you’re familiar with from the Summer League. This is the league we do our utmost to support and compete in. Our very own Shirley is instrumental in organising this league and we put on one of the races (Bramcote).


Each race is decided on by the sum of the individual team counters positions (1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd etc). The overall league score is the sum of the teams finishing position e.g. EVRC win race 1 = 1 point, we win the 2nd race = 1 point, therefore our league score after 2 races would be 2 points. There is no individual league.

Teams are made up of Senior Men = 4, Senior Women = 3, Vets Men (40+) =4, Vets Women (35+) =3


For the men its 2 laps totaling  4.5-5.5 miles and for the Ladies its 1 lap 2-3 miles. The courses are muddy or hilly or muddy and hilly or a festering swamp. You will be needing either spikes or fell shoes to stay upright.

Fixtures. All races are on a Sunday and start at 11:00



Route Map and profile


Holme Pierrepont


Bramcote Woods


Colwick Woods


Trent Meadows


North Midlands

This is the larger league and brings in clubs from the entire region (“North Mids” is the original name the catchment has expanded). We tend to treat this as a chance to get some bonus races in as opposed to targeting it like the East Mids league. Each race does have an event feel with the PA system out, big race village and a full days program of races.


Its a cumulative score across the fixtures. For each race its the sum of the individual scores (1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd etc) which makes up the team score. There is also an individual league, Colin is defending V60 champ (you have to complete all races). 

Teams are made up of Men = 5, Women = 3.


The courses are 5.5-6mile for the men and 3-3.5mile for the ladies. They tend to be more rolling than hilly when compared to the East Mids league. The mud levels are only high at Shipley.

Fixtures All races fall on a Saturday

Ladies races start at 13:25

Mens races start at 13:55


Derby:  (Markeaton Park) 


Corby: (Glebe Park)


Heanor: (Shipley Park)


Nottingham: (Wollaton Park)


EVRC Championships

This is our club champs. For 2017/18, the competition will be based on three races from the East Midlands XC league plus your best scoring two races from the North Midlands XC League.

Five races to count.


  • Finishers will score 3 points plus 1 point for every Erewash runner in your division that you beat.
  • If there are more than 12 runners in your competition, the competition will be split into two divisions by age.  Each division will score points independently. The split will be at the median age or median age plus 1 runner if there are an odd number of runners.
  • The divisional split will be recalculated after each race to allow for the age spread of runners competing so far.  This means that some runners could move between younger and older divisions during the course of the competition.
  • Where two runners have the same points score the older runner will have the higher position in the table


Other News

Stuart set a new V70 10k record at Shelton with a 50:08.

The Fell relays are coming up (15/10) in Llanberis. We have team selected and there's a group of us staying over for the weekend to run, support, visit the local ale houses. If you're interested in being a sub or coming along for the funzies talk to Pete on club night.

Skegafornia. Skegvegas. Skeglantic city. Skegness 10k 19/11/17.... you may be aware that we're fond of race away days to exotic and unusual locations (Ljubljana is also happening soon 28/10-31/10 speak to john w or fran). This is why we're having an EVRC field trip to Skegness 10k. The race is Sunday 19th Nov. We're getting the train over on Saturday staying in a high end (but rather cheap) boutique hotel ( then having a party recovery day on the Sunday and getting the return party train back on the Sunday. The usual rules apply: book and come along. If you need any info talk to John W or Fran.

London marathon entry rejects. If you've been thrown aside by the London marathon like a used condom, you get a second chance. We have a club entry to allocate by the method of a prize draw. To qualify you need to meet the entry criteria below

Member must be in 2nd year of membership (Greater than 12months since joining)
Membership must be active on the night of the draw (paid).
Member must have submitted their London entry rejection notification* into the draw on or before draw night (*rejection email, confirmation of ballot entry, anything that shows you entered the London Ballot for 2018 and have not gone all grabby and fancy snaffling the entry because its there will suffice)
Member must be a first claim runner to Erewash Valley.
Member must have taken part in at least 5 qualifying events representing Erewash Valley Running Club during 2017.Not all have to be running events as long as they are supporting the Club. Qualifying races are: East Midlands Cross Country Races, North Midlands Cross Country Races, The Run, Notts AAA’s Summer League Races and all fell running championship races. Marshalling or collecting results at any of these races counts as well as running.
Winners will not be eligible to enter the draw again for 5 years. However, if the Club entry allocation is not taken, then it will be open to all members with London Marathon rejection notifications* providing they meet the criteria in points 1 – 5 above.
The final Fell champs race is the 19th Nov Wrekin Wrecker . Its your last chance to score some points.
see you wednesday - john w

1st xc 14/11 north mids markeaton park

*bramcote woods are quite nice and trent meadows is interesting...