Couch to 5k new starters group. EVRCb Couch to 5K

We're trialling a new beginners group based on the established couch to 5k program. It’s our 1st   go at organising a new starters group, its targetting at complete beginners and is planned as a one off experiment.

The course starts on Wednesday 01/03/17 at 18:30 from HQ (We depart at 18:30 and plan to be back at HQ by 19:00..back in time to then head off on a normal club run.).

The course is free and will run for 8 weeks finishing with a mass Long Eaton Parkrun (22/04/17). Full details and updates will live here Please help out on the night if you can and encourage any of your friends that are toying with the idea of starting to run to come down.