Club history

With the advent of the running boom after the first London Marathon in 1981 dozens of races started to spring up all over the country including the first Robin Hood Half Marathon. Many of the runners who took part in this race started to form groups to train (and drink!) together. One such group were a bunch of badminton players from Chilwell. During the cold winter months of early 1982 this group plus others who tagged along decided to formalise their running and form a club following the lead of others like Carlton Forum, Home Pierrepont etc. They became known as the “Chilwell Olympians”.

The Chilwell Olympians decided to enter the first (and last!) Sandiacre Half Marathon organised by Friesland Sports Centre. The event became such a debacle that the Olympians were asked to help bale out the organisers on the day. Such was the appreciation by the Centre that the club was asked to base itself at Friesland and take over the organisation of the Half Marathon. With the move came the name change and Chilwell Olympians became Erewash Valley Running Club. The club strip was dark blue with red hoops which was identical to Home Pierrepont Jogging Club. As they had affiliated to AAA and, therefore, registered the colours, we had to change. A competition was held amongst club members and the colours and design are as they are today.

Coming Of Age
Since then our membership has fluctuated from about fifty to one hundred and fifty and now stands at approximately seventy. We have members who have competed in events all over the world from Paris to New York, from Reykjavik to Cyprus. The events themselves vary from 5k races to 2-day mountain marathons. Trips abroad are now a normal occurrence. To places like Cyprus, Majorca, Benidorm, The Algarve etc.



To have fun on the run! To accept into our group anyone of age (16+) and ability without prejudice. To ensure the social side of the club remains as healthy as the running side!