Christmas Lights run

The annual hunt the lights tour is sticking to the 2016 route hoping nobodys moved house and took their lights with them

The Lights Route 3miles.

HQ to Sandiacre Lights. Cross over and turn right past Sandiacre Xmas Tree

Turn left onto DOROTHY AVENUE

1. Dorothy’s sparkly passage.

Run along the avenue

Exit Dorothy Avenue right onto Longmoor lane

Head along Longmoor Lane for ~250m and turn right onto HAYWORTH ROAD

~150m up Hayworth on the right is WILLOWS RISE cul de sac

2. Willow’s Shimmering Rise

Pop into Willows rise then head back out continuing up (right) Hayworth Road. Pause to admire various drippings of fairy lights for about 600m then turn right onto SHAFTESBURY AVENUE

3. Shaftesbury’s big glowing baubles

Run down Shaftesbury and exit turning left up York Avenue

~300m up York Avenue take a right into RICHMOND AVENUE cul de sac.

4. Richmond’s big twinkle

Exit Richmond Avenue and turn right onto Lancaster Avenue.

~300m turn right onto Netherfield Road

~150m take a slight right hand detour onto Mountfield Avenue for a little fairy light oasis at the top of the road

Return to NETHERFIELD ROAD and continue down

5. Netherfield’s Nether regions Glowing Grotto

Continue downhill back onto Hayworth and then onto Longmoor.

The End. From here you can continue onto Long Eaton etc for an extended run or do another lap (or 2/3/4) of the lights run as hill reps.